US Marines to Land in Glen Cove, Honor WWI Hometown Hero Dan Daly

US Marine Corps to land in Glen Cove Saturday, followed by tribute. Then the US Marines and Quantico Marine Band lead parade, before an all-star lacrosse game.

US Marine Helicopters touched down at Glen Cove High School for Fleet Week in May 2014. Credit: File Photo
US Marine Helicopters touched down at Glen Cove High School for Fleet Week in May 2014. Credit: File Photo

The City of Glen Cove is gearing up for what looks to be a celebration of Glen Cove hometown hero, considered one of the United States Marine Corps’ “outstanding Marines,” Sergeant Major Dan Daly.

The tribute begins Saturday at 9 a.m. in Monument Park with the re-dedication of the plaque with Daly’s name. From there, the US Marine Corps Band from Quantico will lead a parade of 200 Marines up Dosoris Lane to Glen Cove High School. That’s where the first-ever Dan Daly Cup all-star lacrosse game will be held between high school junior boys’ lacrosse team members from Nassau County (team Virtue) and from Suffolk County (team Valor).

In preparation for the game, the NY Lizards professional lacrosse organization are providing their coaches to share their expertise with each team member.

Members of the US Marine Corps visited Glen Cove City Hall earlier in the spring  to finalize with Mayor Reginald Spinelloa the series of events. The tribute is sponsored by the U.S. Marine Corps, in partnership with the Nassau County Lacrosse Coaches Association, the New York Lizards professional lacrosse team, the City of Glen Cove and the Glen Cove School District.

Helping to kick off the excitement, Marine helicopters landed at Glen Cove High School in May during Fleet Week.  

Mayor Reginald Spinello said recently that there will be a special guest of honor at Saturday's event.

“We are truly honored that Sgt. Maj. Daly’s great grandniece, Barbara Ransweiler Harcourt of Holbrook, his only living descendant, will be with us on June 21,” he said. “Everyone is invited to join us for this wonderful event.”

Sgt. Maj. Dan Daly was born in Glen Cove on November 11, 1873. He received the Medal of Honor twice; the first for his actions during the Battle of Peking in 1900 and the second in 1915 for his heroism during combat in Haiti. His uncommon valor continued during World War I in the battle of Belleau Wood. Sgt. Maj. Daly was awarded the Navy Cross, the Army Distinguished Service Cross, and the French Croix de Guerre with Palm. Sgt. Major Daly’s heroism prompted Major General John A. Lejeune, former Commander of the Marine Corps, to say that Sgt. Maj. Daly was an “outstanding Marine of all time.”

Sgt. Major died in 1937 in Glendale, Queens, and is buried in Cypress Hills National Cemetery.

Joe Dowd June 16, 2014 at 08:44 PM
Remarkable story about this warrior. I would have liked to talk with him, to hear what he saw. Great job.
Rosemarie Marangiello June 17, 2014 at 02:30 PM
Great story, why such long wait (he passed in 1937), perhaps his accomplishments just recently revealed. I'm thinking June 21 must holds some significance as well.
Mary Joyce June 21, 2014 at 11:06 AM
From people I have spoken with who did know him- he was a very simple guy. When he died he was a security guard at a bank in Queens.


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