New Hyde Park Little League Holds 2012 Awards Breakfast

Players receive trophies for accomplishments during 2012 season.

The New Hyde Park Little League held its annual “Awards Breakfast” on October 21 at the New Hyde Park Inn.

Players, coaches and parents were served a family-style breakfast beginning at 10 a.m. with an awards ceremony following and players receiving individual trophies for the 2012 season.

Special honors of course went to the girls Majors softball team, which had reached the Little League Softball World Series in Portland, Oregon.

Gold Rush October 24, 2012 at 11:04 PM
Please LL, consider moving this event to a place that can serve MUCH higher quality food, for way less money! With servers that bring the food to you, instead of feeding the herd "bread line fashion" [food business trick "bread line fashion" cuts down the money spent on waiters/waitresses, which ironically, is the hallmark, of any great restaurant/catering hall]. The persons last served, get the poorest choices, coldest food and I won't mention the exorbitant price for all this privilege! Catering halls understand and count on the fact you are there for a 1 time event and probably will not be back again, so they cut corners. I understand there might be a traditional aspect, but seriously, in 2012, who cannot change tradition for really good reasons? Who continues to go to an over priced, meager quality food and service, eating establishment, more than 2 times? [for me all it takes is 1 bad time] The best part is the trophies! Fortunately, they can be given in the new venue, just as effectively and equally, happily, received! Just my opinion! Respectfully, goldrush


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