No. 72 - Art Classes at The Garden Art Studio

Children can explore their creativity through group art classes.

Art serves many purposes other than creating something physical to take home or put on display. Working with different mediums allows you to cultivate your inner creativity, get in tune with your artsy side and build confidence in your ability to create.

If your child has a passion for art or wishes they did, one way to foster their imagination can be by taking an art class. offers a wide selection of classes and workshops for beginner through advanced artists between the ages of 6 to 16.

No two classes are the same. Children can delve into drawing, painting and clay mediums or even explore travel-journals by visiting an off-site serene location. Although the classes are structured, children are encouraged to “trust their intuition” by exploring the unfamiliar.

Children can sign up per class or buy a package.

Category: Leisure, Class

Price: starts at $25 and include art supplies.

Season: year-round

Hours: after school during the school year.

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