Now Hiring: Job Openings in Mineola

A look at job openings and career opportunities in the area.

Welcome job seekers to our weekly feature of Now Hiring in Mineola. There are still plenty of Mineola residents out there searching for a paycheck. If you are one of them, to make your life a bit easier, Patch has scoured through the hundreds of fake job ads online and pulled out a bunch that offer realemployment opportunities. Check back here every Monday for a quick run-down of opportunities in the immediate area. The following positions are all located in Mineola and surrounding areas.

Family & Children’s Association
Position: Bi-Lingual Family Specialist
Employment Type: Full Time
Requirements: Direct counseling, referrals & advocacy services for program clients. Develop, implement and monitor treatment plans. Participate in home visits, intakes and Family Solution Conferences. Maintain case records and other required documentation. Respond to crises as needed.
Source: indeed.com

Go Wireless Inc.
Position: Retail Store Manager
Employment Type: Full Time
Requirements: Manage one store location with a range 3-9 employees, minimum sales quota and Individual Gross Profit (IGP); this will be a minimum in order to receive commission payout. Also, responsible for meeting additional sales metrics according to posted commission plan. Achieve sales quotas for both the store and individual goals. Acts as the gatekeeper of the store; this provides the opportunity to save sales, survey/enhance customer experiences and coach the sales team on effective sales skills Works a scheduled shift within assigned store.
Source: indeed.com

Position: Director Of Public Affairs
Employment Type: Full Time
Requirements: In this highly visible role, you will represent world-class WUH, as you interface with the media and the community; act as a liaison between Winthrop administration and medical staff and the media; formulate and implement public affair policies; develop and modify public relations strategies and techniques, as well as budgets
Source: Careerbuilder

Position: Accessory Buyer
Employment Type: Full Time
Requirements: sales, retail, buying, merchandising, customer service, negotiating skills and a host of other responsibilities.  
Source: Careerbuilder


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