Patch Picks: Back to School Shopping

Here are five suggestions of places to buy school supplies without breaking the bank.

Whether we like it or not summer is wrapping up and the school year is around the corner. Ease your child back into “school mode” and make the transition smoother by getting a head start on buying school supplies.

For this week’s Patch Picks here are five places to find school supplies. Remember the earlier you go the less likely you’ll be to wait on those long lines. Be sure to check with the school ahead of time for any required supplies your child may need!

Nothing beats a new box of crayons, fresh markers and notebooks so grab those school supply lists, coupons and go!

Your Home

One way to save money is by making a list of what you already have. Before you run out to buy supplies for the upcoming school year, spend some time checking around the house for supplies that were barely used. Tear out sheets of paper inside a notebook if it was half used or wash out the pencil box so it looks just as new.

Just because they are a pharmacy doesn’t mean they don't sell other things too. As a matter of fact, Walgreens is stocked and ready to go with a selection of supplies for the upcoming school year. Keep your eyes peeled for deals on hot items including groovy erasers, notebooks and fun markers.

For the upcoming school year Rite Aid has dedicated two aisles for school supplies. They have everything from backpacks, lunch boxes as well as notebooks and pens in all different colors.

When it comes to school supplies, Staples is a safe one-stop-shop. You can find deals and discounts online, in the mail and in store to save money when you shop. Back-to-school shopping has been made easy because you can find most items at the store instead of having to go to different places.

If you are looking for a bargain, this store has it all: notebooks, binders and writing utensils start at $1. They restocked in time for the school year and have many of the supplies needed for your children.

Check back next week for another edition of Patch Picks!

Jacqueline August 26, 2011 at 03:08 AM
Walgreens is having a sale Sunday August 28, 2011. Many back to school items...but it's frustrating for us parents who still have not received a list.
Vincent August 26, 2011 at 08:12 PM
Jacqueline, to not have a list of items needed at this time is nothing less than rediculous. Oh, that's right the teachers don't have to shop do they? What are they doing in this district?


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