Mineola Art Studio Holds Annual Exhibit

The Garden Art Studio of Mineola shows work of young artists during exhibit at East Williston Library.

A colorful bunch of family and friends of young artists gathered Thursday evening to celebrate another successful semester of classes at Mineola’s Garden Art Studio by displaying their works at the East Williston Library.

Studio founder and 20 year Mineola resident, Lisa Fazio-Controneo, or “Miss Lisa” as students fondly call her, offers classes for beginner and more serious artists in a variety of mediums and it has some students thinking ahead.

“I like doing (art) because it can be another option for college,” student Nick Maineri, a ninth grader who attends classes throughout the school year, said.

Parents had the opportunity to take photographs of student work during a gallery walk. Vivian Georg of Carle Place beamed as her daughter posed in front of her artwork. “My daughter started taking classes in the fall,” she said. “She would go every day if she could.”

The event included an awards ceremony where students lectured on the methods and reasoning behind their artwork and also had the opportunity to comment on one of their favorite pieces by another student.

“What’s nice is that everybody is from a different school district,” Fazio-Controneo said during the ceremony, adding that students also get to make friends with others from different age groups.

Each student also received ab award depending on the amount of semesters they spent with the studio; students who stayed three or more semesters received a medal while others received specialty awards for their originality or imagination.

East Williston resident Nicole Blach has been attending the studio for nearly 10 years and aspires to go to art school. She likes the variety that the studio provides, saying that “we get to do things you wouldn’t get to do in school.”

She later added Fazio-Controneo allows her to bring her photography into her artwork.

“I am proud of the work they did; the kids did an excellent job,” Fazio-Controneo said, applauding the attendance of her students and their families.

“I’m glad these kids put art first. I’m teaching them how to tap into and maintain their creative side. Art is very beneficial.”


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