Survivor: South Pacific Watch – Episode 8

Keeping you updated on how Mineola contestant Christine Shields Markoski fared.

For those of you who are Survivor junkies, or who just want to know how our favorite local contestant did in the latest episode, Patch is keeping track of all the wheelings and dealings as Mineola teacher  tries to “Outwit, Outplay and Outlast” the 17 other contestants this season on “Survivor: South Pacific.”

Miss the action? Watch the entire episode here.


As we join our beloved castaways, whose numbers are now dwindling, it’s time for the tribes to merge together. Everyone shows up on Redemption Island to see Ozzy – who exiled himself – duke it out with Christine for the chance to go back in the game.

The challenge is a jailbreak scenario where the contestants have to free themselves from a bamboo cell using a pole.

Christine fails with her first attempt, using a pole that is too long, while Ozzy comes up short, dropping his keys into the sand. While Christine tries to reassemble her pole, Ozzy grabs keys two and three and frees himself and goes back to the game.

As our heroine departs after 19 days on Redemption Island, we are treated to our new dynamic, Cochran playing double agent on Upolu.

The immunity challenge is one of those last man standing competitions. Or in this case, last man last woman standing as there are two chances here. The competition involves standing on a perch while holding a coconut on two ropes that get longer and longer. Dawn wins for the girls and Ozzy beats Albert.

At Tribal Council, we get a split vote between Keith and Rick, with Cochran flipping his vote, sending Keith to Redemption Island.


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