Andiamo Closes Doors in Mineola

Mineola restaurant shutters doors shutters its doors among rumors of relocation.

After being open for only about 13 months, Mineola-based restaurant Andiamo closed its doors on Feb. 28.

According to restaurant workers and some recent customers the business was not planning on permanently closing as the owners of the restaurant are apparently looking for a new location local to Mineola, but a new location was unable to be provided.

After placing a call to the advertised number on the side of the building, a person who identified himself as the owner of the property, but who declined to give his name, said “I have nothing to do with Andiamo. They didn’t pay [the rent].”

Translated in English as “leg’s go,” Andiamo is located at the former site of PastaVino on Mineola Boulevard. It opened in February 2012, serving up classic and new Italian and French continental fare.

The restaurant had come under the ownership of Paul Saliski and Jeana Vimbor, who were hired as “consultants” on PastaVino. The two became partners on the restaurant and began designing the concept for Andiamo, described as “a little more sleek, a little less rustic” and with a repainted dining area.

The restaurant was consistently rated highly among popular review sites Yelp and OpenTable with positive recommendations outnumbering poor reviews 23 to 2. The most common complaint was menu prices akin to a “Manhattan like” range. The most recent reviews were posted for New Years 2013 and alluded to a crowded restaurant.

Excutive Chef George Echeverria, who previously worked at Soigné in Woodmere and Amicale in Huntington Station, has a history of short lived restaurants. Amicale only remained open for less than a year and also closed due to rent issues according to a Newsday article:

Amicale, which overhauled the former Panama Hatties a year ago and earned a three-star rating in Newsday, has closed.

A court notice citing rent arrears...was posted on the front door of the Huntington Station eatery, even as signs advertising specials remained in place.

Chef Echeverria was also brought on to work at PastaVino as a consultant chef and became the executive chef when the location changed names and rebranded itself.

Attempts to reach Echeverria or other representatives of the restaurant were unsuccessful.

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Geoffrey Walter March 05, 2013 at 06:58 PM
The following comment was posted on the Mineola Patch Facebook page by Bobby Granados: "Thank god!"
Geoffrey Walter March 05, 2013 at 06:59 PM
The following comment was posted to the Mineola Patch Facebook page by Dawn Metzger Cox: "No restaurant can seem to survive in this building!"
Matthew Brown March 06, 2013 at 02:16 PM
A few items for you the author: Not sure how you would know whom the building owner is/was if he did not give his name. I only hope that it is true that they didn't pay the rent otherwise the restaurant owners would have a lawsuit against you and the Patch. The restaurant in your article was rarely ever busy. I would walk past this location at least three nights a week and I do not ever remember it being packed. I never tried the food so I can't comment on that.


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