New Renovated Buildings on Mineola Boulevard [POLL]

New storefronts at renovated Raines Building are ready for occupancy.

Near the LIRR bridge on the corner of Mineola Boulevard and Third Avenue, a big red PC Realty sign hangs on the corner of the Raines Building advertising available spaces ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 sq. ft that can be built to suit.

From the corner of Third Avenue to the next corner of Old Country Road, the entire vicinity has been ready for occupancy since Wednesday morning. Since then, up to nine residents moved into the building.

The addresses of 39 Mineola Blvd. to 47 Mineola Blvd., the storefronts are aligned with new large tan and white colored bricks with green letters carved out for the addresses. The above street-levels are residentially zoned while the ground floor has been constructed with businesses in mind and a possible restaurant space between two other office areas.

Before the renovations, a Verizon store was located on the corner of Mineola Boulevard and Third Avenue with a law office on the other end. In the middle there was also a restaurant but these businesses were closed for renovation that lasted for almost 2 years. Now, that the buildings are newly renovated, they’re ready for buyers.

Construction manager Mark Donaruma said that buyers have been stopping by to look at the store but none of them have made any offers as of yet.  


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