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P.S., Mineola’s New Burger Spot

Former owners of PastaVino open new venture.

Carmelo Sapuppo and Fabricio Strambeck always had a burger when the duo ran the restaurant in Mineola, but they had kept their most experimental recipes to themselves to enjoy at lunchtime.

“We always loved burgers, we used to do burgers for ourselves,” Strambeck, a Mineola resident originally from Brazil, said. “(Sapuppo) had a burger on the menu but we started creating different burgers, eggs, plantains... and ideas came up, different burgers and some of them we liked and some of them we didn’t. Basically we were just like at lunch time we were like ‘I feel like a burger today’ and then we would just like make different burgers.”

The pair have been working together for the past 10 years, working at following Maxxells, but when the , it gave them the opportunity to bring their lunchtime experiments to the public.

Sapuppo and Strambeck held the grand opening of their new restaurant “” on February 7 in the space at 198 Second St. and also have another location planned in the West Village on Carmine Street.

“It’s a project that we had for so many years and we had the opportunity of taking the store here. We want to stay in this area with this store and put in practice what we’ve been planning for some time,” Sapuppo said. “We always had this idea to start a burger joint, we never had an opportunity and then we finally had this opportunity to do it and we’re really enjoying it.”

Billed as more of a “gourmet” burger restaurant, a postal theme carries throughout dreamt up by Strambeck’s wife Pollyanne, hence the ‘postscript’ moniker in the restaurant’s name and the postage stamp logo.

“We just came up with that because when you’re writing a letter you always say ‘P.S.’ which is the most important thing,” Sapuppo, who hails from Malverne, said. “When someone sends a letter to you and it has ‘P.S.’ you don’t need to read the letter, read the ‘P.S.’ and that’s the message. For us the message is ‘don’t forget to eat a burger’.”

In keeping with the postage theme, burger platters share their names with various locations from around the world as well as their ingredients. That includes a fried egg, sautéed spinach and smoked bacon with dijon honey mustard for their Paris burger, grilled pineapple, fried onion and red bell peppers for the Hawaiian, or provolone, egg and plantains (bananas) for the Rio De Janeiro burger, which is “tremendously popular” Sapuppo said.

The two have their own patty recipe using meat from a New Jersey farm that is ground by a local butcher.

“We make everything here,” Sapuppo said. “It is a burger place with the feeling of a restaurant because we make by the order; it’s just like if you were going to a restaurant.”

The restaurant also offers sandwiches like the popular churrasco which consists of grilled sirloin steak, mozzarella, pico di gallo and basil pesto aioli but also features hot dogs and salads as well.

“I don’t really know,” Strambeck said when asked what the most popular platter is at the moment. “I think maybe people get a little interested in the fact that we put plantains on a burger. Feedback has been good; most people do like the burger with the bananas.”

Added Sapuppo: “we’ve been very welcomed by the area, by the community.”


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