Pistachio Cake at Brasa Rodizio

Portugal, Italy and Duncan Hines come together in Mineola.

The most popular dish at in Mineola is actually a dessert.

According to Paul Batista, the cake is not one that has exactly passed down from generation to generation from his ancestors in Portugal, but one that he had invented the cake 2 years ago, modifying a recipe that his Italian mother-in-law had located and that one of the prime ingredients was white cake mix.

The Dish: Pistachio Cake at Brasa

What’s in It: the recipe for Brasa’s pistachio cake feels a bit like the cooking show Chopped where chefs are given a box of ingredients and told to make a dish. In addition to the white cake mix, there’s also pistachio pudding mix, Sprite soda and, for certain, lots of pistachios.

How’s it Taste: the cake is very moist—almost like a thick pudding. The chopped pistachios add a delicious taste and crunch in the icing. This is the kind of dessert that can easily become a craving.

Sides: espresso or cappuccino.

Cost: by the slice, $4.50; the whole cake (which serves at least 20 people), $40.


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