Revolution Athletic Spins Up for Grand Opening

New gym focused on cycling opens its doors in Mineola.

Whether or not they had planned it this way or it was just a happy coincidence, Revolution Athletic Club was the recipient of a large amount of publicity this past Saturday during their grand opening on Jericho Turnpike, being that it was going on at the same time as the 2012 Mineola High School Homecoming Parade, which was marching past their front door.

The new gym, which is focused on cycling, is the brainchild of Michael Bonacuso and Samantha Johnson, graduates of Chaminade and Kellenberg high schools, respectively.

“It means a lot to have the brothers, the Marianist community here to support us, so we’re very thankful,” Bonacuso said.

The business partners received the lease to the former martial arts studio in July and spent the past three-and-a-half months converting the space, pulling all-nighters and not stopping until 4 a.m. that very morning to prepare for the opening.

“It’s been a lot of long nights,” Bonacuso said. “there were some nights we didn’t sleep at all.”

In addition to the Marianist brothers, Fr. Bruno Lepeu, whom Bonacuso had known through St. Anne’s parish, held a blessing of the new facility.

“This could not have happened without the help of a few people, Sam and I have been thinking about this place and wanting to open it since January, so it’s pretty much been all of 2012 that we’ve been working on it,” Bonacuso said.

“Both our families, again, we couldn’t have done it without all of you because you’ve been incredibly supportive, putting in a lot of hard work and sweating it out with us with getting all this done,” Johnson said. “We really appreciate it.”


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