Vacant Mineola Boulevard Thrift Store [POLL]

Storefront at 117 Mineola Blvd. has been empty for several years.

Situated in a prime location on Mineola Boulevard next to the , the once Winthrop Thrift Store on 117 Mineola Blvd. has been vacant for several years.

Dust collects on the windows and doors making it hard to notice the ‘117’ on the front door. Right next to it is a ‘For-Lease’ sign that has been up since the tenants left.

“It’s an old building and it’s hard to change but we’ll find someone eventually,” Land Use Institute President Clifford Sondock said.

Sondock suggested that the former business did not thrive before and the space does not receive buyers today due to the restricted zones of Long Island.

“We need more class regulations and less restrictive zones and things would be much better for Long Island,” he said. “It needs apartments near the train station because then there will be more vitality and more people to support the businesses.”

The once thrift store is just a two blocks away from and located in the heart of the downtown business district. It was Sondock’s feeling that since there are shops to eat inside the hospital, not many employees leave the hospital to support businesses.

The space offers 1,850 sq. ft. and includes the basement space.

SLJ February 13, 2012 at 01:21 PM
Perhaps the problem boils down to the price per sq ft.
Antonia Samaritano Fazler June 13, 2012 at 02:51 PM
I agree. If the building is older and hard to reconfigure, it makes it very costly to make renovations. Renters are hard pressed to pay top dollar for a location when they will have a great deal of out of pocket expenses to bring the site up to par. Since the location has been sitting empty for so many years it may be best if the price per square foot is adjusted. The empty store front is making that section of Mineola Boulevard look more and more like Skid Row the Liquor store and Gun Shop don't really help either.


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