Cheapest Gas Prices Around Mineola

In this weekly feature, we'll tell you where the best value is to fill up your tank.

Looking for the cheapest gas prices in Mineola? Check this weekly feature every Sunday morning to find the station offering the biggest bang for your buck, according to www.motortrend.com.

For the best price in Mineola this week, drivers should continue to either pull into the Gulf station at  or the  at 2 Jericho Turnpike, both of which have regular for $3.67, down 2 cents from last week. Citgo, continues to give the best price on mid-grade at $3.89, while Gulf has the best deal on premium at $3.95.

The next-cheapest price for regular of $3.75 is listed at the Gulf station at , also unchanged from last week, followed by the BP station at at $3.77.

The Gulf at  is tied with Sunoco at  which both have regular for $3.79, both down 2 cents from a week ago.

Found a cheaper price? Let us know.


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