Hurricane Sandy Batters Mineola

Power still out for many Tuesday night.

The superstorm known as Hurricane Sandy left Mineola in tatters Tuesday as many residents emerged from their homes to find trees had toppled onto their homes and power still remains out for the entire village.

While a few local businesses are with power and internet access – Dunkin’ Donuts in Garden City Park, Panera Bread – the lines are long and even with power strips, there is no guarantee that residents will be able to get access to an outlet.

The businesses who are open have also added generators to their offerings of food and drinks, with Cugini’s Pizzeria hooking up a generator and cleaning up on the business end as residents flock in for a hot pizza and other food, bringing them back to loved ones at home while the temperature drops.

Over at Memorial Park, some of the trees that had weathered the storm against Hurricane Irene last year were finally toppled, ironically falling on the place where the gazebo once stood and would have assuredly crushed the structure if it had not been already been torn down.

A tree had also fell across the tennis courts, damaging the outlying fence structure.

Many roadways around the area, including Jackson Avenue near Herricks Road as well as Latham Road had trees down across the roadways and were cordoned off from traffic with yellow police tape.

Over at Chaminade High School, sandbags had been placed on the Saville Road entrance to the library while across the street at the Jackson Avenue School, a piece of the roof could be seen pulled off and dangling off the façade of the school.

As power is still out, schools also remain closed, with both Chaminade and the Mineola School District cancelling classes for a third straight day.


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