Mineola Residents Seek Muscular Dystrophy Help with Go Fund Me Page

Mineola resident seeking help with medical expenses.

Jane and Abby. Photo credit: Courtesy Go Fund Me
Jane and Abby. Photo credit: Courtesy Go Fund Me
43-year old Mineola resident Abby (last name withheld) has spent 43 years suffering from symptoms relating to muscular dystrophy, many of which were repeatedly misdiagnosed and which has caused her extreme weakness and pain in much of her body.

She and her partner Jane have been raising money for Abby's care with Go Fund Me.

So far, $12,530 has been raised of a goal of $100,000. To donate, click here.

In a post on the page, Abby thanks those who have donated thus far, saying "Even though our adjustable bed cost thousands of dollars, it was worth every penny. I have gone from dreading bedtime and waking up several times a night to looking forward to going to bed and sleeping like a baby. Because of this, not only are my nights better, but I feel rested during the day for the first time I can remember."


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