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Persian Cookies for Nowruz

A professional chef shares her recipes to welcome the Persian New Year.

Ramin Ganeshram shares cookie recipes for Nowruz. Credit: Jean Paul Vellotti
Ramin Ganeshram shares cookie recipes for Nowruz. Credit: Jean Paul Vellotti

Thursday is Nowruz, the Persian New Year.

Arriving each year in time to welcome spring, Nowruz is a secular holiday that is celebrated by Persian Jews, Christians, Baha’is and Muslims, KQED notes in its public media food blog. Nowruz dates back 3,000 years and its roots are traced to Zoroastrianism, an ancient pre-Islamic religion in Persia.

Today the holiday is celebrated in and around New York and Los Angeles, and in other cities where Iranians live, writes Ramin Ganeshram, a journalist, food writer and professional chef, in Zester Daily. 

The holiday is also celebrated in Iran, India, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central Asia and Canada, according to KQED. 

Every holiday has special foods, and Nowruz is no different. Ganeshram shares recipes for two of her favorite cookies. 

Her Persian rice cookies (nan-e berenji) are  “gluten-free rice flour cookies are incredibly light, crumbly and aromatic with the scent and delicate floral notes of rosewater,” she notes. And her Persian chickpea cookies (nan-e nokhodchi) are an “extremely soft cookie that melts in the mouth to be washed down with a cup of hot tea."

Ready to start baking? Get the recipes here.


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