Albertson Resident a Presidential Debate Volunteer

Albertson resident Nick Hintz shares his experience at the second 2012 Presidential debate.

As a production assistant volunteer for the second 2012 Presidential debate at Hofstra University, I was assigned to work with MSNBC.

I did various jobs for them depending on what the crew needed.

This ranged anywhere from standing in while the crew set audio and lights, to driving talent in golf carts between the set and Spin Alley, to helping move audience members to fill empty spaces, and to getting Chris Matthews and the rest of the crew food and coffee.

During the actual debate itself, I was able to watch the debate sitting behind Chris Matthews in the makeshift office that MSNBC had set up.

From my experience as a debate volunteer, I learned a lot about live news production and the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Nick Hintz is a current student at Hofstra University. He is a resident of Albertson.


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