Durham Issues Statement on Werther Independent Bid

Mineola Village trustee seeks to clarify stance on 2013 race.

The following statement was issued by Mineola Village Board Trustee George Durham on Dec. 13, 2012:

It has come to my attention that Larry Werther made a statement to the press that involved me. I was not told in advance about this and want to make sure that everyone knows exactly where I stand.

When the New Line Party selected a slate of candidates last Sunday, mayor Scott Strauss, Dennis Walsh and I were unanimously selected. Larry Werther was not selected due to his failure to support the mayor and the New Line Party plan.

Having known Larry and his family for 25 years and having lived on the same road, I felt that I owed him a call so that his family would not find out that he was not a candidate of the party by reading it in the paper. I was warned against calling Larry and was advised that if I did what I said would be twisted around and used against me. That apparently has happened.

I want everyone to know that I am 100 percent behind the New Line Party andits Strauss-Durham-Walsh slate of candidates. We were selected because of our commitment to follow the vision which the New Line Party has for Mineola. We three candidates support that vision and each other.

My personal conversation with trustee Werther advising him that he was not on the New Line Party slate of candidates should not be misconstrued to suggest that I had any misgivings concerning the decision of the party.

I was present at the time of the decision. I voted for it. I stand by it. When I advised trustee Werther that he was not nominated, he told me that he was left with no choice but to run for mayor. He then asked me if I would run on his ticket. I declined. I told him that I support mayor Strauss and candidate Dennis Walsh and am proud to run with them.

I hope that this statement clears up any confusion which might be circulating.

George Durham is a member of the Mineola Village Board. He was first elected as a trustee in 2011.


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