Letter to the Editor: In Response to Schimel’s ‘Common Sense’

Police officer Dan Morley submitted the following letter.

I write concerning the that appeared on April 29, 2012.  As a police officer and NRA Life of Duty Member, I found her comments offensive, misleading, and indicative of a desperate person using every available ploy to push her increasingly unpopular anti-gun agendas.

It is interesting to note that Ms. Schimel’s definition of “common sense” –microstamping, to be specific – has been defeated at the legislative level every year she has introduced it and has been written off as worthless and easily defeated by every reputable, peer-reviewed study of the “technology” to date. One study went so far as to point out that “common household tools were used to obliterate (microstamped) serial numbers in less than a minute.”

Also of interest to me was the use of a quotation by a the cousin of a gun violence victim, Debbie Griffin Daza, which ironically states what many of us have been saying all along, and which I’m equally certain was not Ms. Schimel’s intent. Ms. Daza’s comments are deserving of repeating and speak volumes to Ms. Schimel’s definition of “common sense.” Ms. Daza believes that “We need stronger gun legislation and control of the guns being bought and sold that are coming into the streets of New York City and into the hand of criminals.”

What legislation, pray tell, is going to stop a criminal from having a gun? Do our legislators truly not understand this? I would venture to guess that if a criminal is set upon committing a homicide, the factor of whether or not the gun is legal is probably not playing into the equation. Similarly, I feel safe in saying that the size of the gun magazine is quite likely an afterthought to him or her at that point as well. I’m also curious as to what fault the law abiding gun owner had in this matter?

Ms. Daza continues “The murderer of my cousin Damon, was out on bail for a previous shooting in the community and had been involved in five other shootings. It is perpetrators like him whose hands the guns are reaching.” This scenario begs several questions - the most obvious of course being “Why is this person out on bail and not in prison?” Are there not laws in existence already that prohibit one from shooting another? How exactly were law abiding gun owners involved in this incident? If Ms. Daza can identify that illegal guns mostly wind up in the hands of criminals, why is this a point that seems beyond Ms. Schimel's comprehension at every turn?

I would be remiss were I to not point out that the Democrats’ last scheme of “common sense” gun legislation called CoBIS was recently discontinued by Governor Cuomo after bilking taxpayers out of $44 million over 10 years with zero convictions to show for it. Please forgive me if I am not in a hurry to endorse Ms. Schimel's next great “common sense” gun legislation.

In conclusion, the majority of police officers I know do not support Ms. Schimel's half-baked microstamping legislation and know that law abiding gun owners are our friends.  Similarly, many of my colleagues are, like me, NRA members. I too would love to see the end of gun violence and sympathize with its victims and their families.

However, Ms. Schimel’s vision of “common sense” does not jive with reality and does nothing but keep her pockets filled from the radical anti-gun establishment and add additional cumbersome burdens to law abiding New Yorkers who choose to exercise their rights under the Second Amendment. 

Dan Morley
Police Officer

SLJ May 06, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Well said, Dan.
Fathers falsely accused DV May 13, 2012 at 05:42 AM
Yes, I agree.. Dan, Well done.. Maybe you could also shed some light as a police officer to Ms. Schimel how much time, energy, manpower and money is wasted on false Domestic Violence accusations by bitter/crazy/angry wives or ex-wives. Is that a rampant well known inside problem among police officers and detectives? Maybe Ms. Schimel should spend a week or even a shift in a police station; observe the high paid officers/detectives spending a shift escorting an accused-without rights and without an opportunity to provide story or facts 95% Man/Husband. Fix that law and all that money wasted or only benefiting the coaching Divorce lawyers; put that money, lost shifts, wasted hours doing in school suspension duty... Maybe the high paid officers/detectives could spend all of the time to get real criminals who will get weapons one way or another off the streets. That sure seems to have more logic than the political driven/god fearing or more precise fear if the falsely accused man really did something. I think our police officers/detectives are smart enough to take steps to protect the public. But, when hours are wasted and steps are taken to just cover department costs and the fear a police officer or detective has of losing a nice pension.. Go after the real criminals and guns might be lowered of the streets. Try it Ms. Schimel one week or one shift. Do the math on loss..see how many lives could be saved and others not ruined by vindivctive money hungry divorce lawyers
Anthony J. Montiglio July 22, 2012 at 02:12 PM
More disinformation, half truths and outright lies from the gun nut lobby. If guns are not the problem, then why won't the repukes let you bring a gun into their convention? What hypocrisy!


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