Schimel to Speak on Gun Control

Assemblywoman to be featured speaker on March 8 at Temple Beth-El of Great Neck.

As a leader on anti-crime initiatives in the New York State Legislature, I will be a featured speaker on the topic of gun control at Albany Law School Government Law Center’s prestigious Warren M. Anderson Legislative Breakfast and at Temple Beth-El of Great Neck.

Following the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut as a Co-Chair of the New York Chapter of State Legislators Against Illegal Guns (SLAIG), I worked to assemble a broad coalition of support among state legislators for an eight-point plan to reduce gun violence. Many of these measures were included in the NY SAFE Act, which was recently signed into law and has been hailed as one of the toughest gun safety laws in the country. 

On Feb. 26, I was a featured panelist at the Anderson Legislative Breakfast.  Schimel will discuss the NY SAFE Act, her microstamping legislation and the effort to reduce gun violence at the federal level. Fellow panelists included, Professor Dan Feldman of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Assemblyman Steven McLaughlin.

Residents will have the opportunity to hear me speak about gun control at Temple Beth-El of Great Neck’s Erev Shabbat Service on Friday, March 8 at 7 p.m. at 5 Old Mill Road in Great Neck.

Michelle Schimel is the New York State Assembly representative for the 16th Assembly District. She was first elected in a Special Election held on March 27, 2007.

MessHall March 04, 2013 at 05:38 AM
If it's such a good Law , why was it given to the Senate at 11pm and only 20 minutes to read it before signing it ? Let her come to our next Rally in Albany and speak ...and then LISTEN to the people this poor excuse for a Law actually impacts
Duey Miller March 04, 2013 at 08:06 PM
You need to gear up for your next job. Practice saying "Excuse me, but do you want fries with that?"
Eduardo Blanco March 05, 2013 at 06:48 PM
Assemblywoman Schimel, I will be brief. I do not support the NY SAFE ACT. I find the majority of the provisions in the law unconstitutional and am certain they will have no positive impact on gun violence. The provisions within this act are simply a knee jerk reaction with no empirical evidence to back up any assertion that lives will be saved. In fact, only evidence to the contrary exists. I find the fact that I cannot hand my rifles down to my own children unacceptable. The fact that I have to register rifles I already lawfully own is an infringement on my rights as an individual. The fact that NYS is further limiting the number of rounds in a rifle or pistol is proof that the gun control agenda is progressively escalating infringements on our second amendment rights. Standard capacity in many of the now banned rifles is 30 rounds. NYS had already limited the rounds to ten and is now further limiting them down to seven. There were already limits on cosmetic features which are also being further limited down to one. What’s next? I will fight this new law with all of the resources at my disposal. The manner in which this law was enacted and it’s over zealous provisions has polarized opposition to this law. This of course is going to hamper any real attempts at making life saving changes. This law was a mistake, and it needs to be repealed Thank you,


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