In the Spy Game, It's All About You

Did you ever stop to think that you are being watched!

As you go about your busy day, using your GPS to find your
way, making calls on your cell phone along the way; maybe walking a block or
two to the ATM at the local bank did you ever stop to think that you are being

It has been estimated that there are over 30 million commercial surveillance cameras logging billions of hours of video each and every week. In
addition, there are thousands of cameras on commercial roadways, nearly 5000
red-light cameras, many new speed-trap cameras and cameras at bridges and
tunnels.  Not to mention that your friendly GPS is not only telling you where that new salon is located it is compiling information about where you are and where you have been. 

Not unlike an episode of CSI the nearly 500,000 cell phone towers in the country can make it easy to triangulate your exact location any time of the day or night. 
I guarantee that, on any given day, you have appeared on 50 or more
video surveillances around town and you didn’t even know it.

In addition most major police forces now equip their patrol cars with automatic license plate readers that can analyze over 1,000 plate numbers per hour when the patrol car is simply sitting by the side of the road.  How about facial recognition technology? You know what I mean. 

Have you ever tagged a friend on facebook or does your simple digital camera have a feature where you can assign a name to your photographic subjects and the camera remembers that person?  Did you know that Google aids in over 15,000 criminal investigations per year?  Could be you? 
Have you ever seen the show “Person of Interest?”

Here’s why you should care.  The government has access to all of your personal information, tax returns, phone bills, bank accounts, credit cards and medical records.  Now add the above surveillance information and you can start to get the picture.

Right now, according to Wired Magazine, the National Security Agency, part of the US government, is building a one million square foot facility in Utah with the capability of housing and analyzing data. 

It is estimated that $40miliion a year, of your tax money, will go just to the
electric bill to keep this place running. It will have the ability to store all of the information listed above plus every e-mail, text and tweet from every person in this country for years to come.  Just what would anyone want with all of that information?  I’ll leave that you your imagination.

- Patrick Ingegno can be reached at inner-circle@optimum.net or www.innercircledebtsolutions.com

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