Crime Report: Shoppers Targeted; More Burglaries Reported

Break-ins continue as busy stores become targets of crooks.

Nassau County Police reported a wave of shopping-related crimes in the past week as the holiday season gets in full swing.

Crowded stores and parked cars appeared to be the target of thieves, particularly in Hicksville, crime reports show.

Meanwhile, the wave of burglaries at Plainview according to police reports. Another four were reported in the Plainview and Old Bethpage area in the last week.

That figure is in addition to the 20 break-ins reported during the previous week in the Second Precinct. More than half of those were reported in Plainview and Old Bethpage.

The sudden rash of incidents corresponds like to the early onset of darkness. Similar strings of burglaries have taken place for the last two years in a row in the fall, right about the time we change back to Standard Time.

Two of the four burglaries this week appeared to have occurred just after dusk, police reports show.

The Second Precinct reported the following crimes:

  • Dec. 5: Grand larceny; Macy's, Hicksville; wristlet, bag, credit card stolen.
  • Dec. 6: Burglary; Round Swamp Road, Old Bethpage; two pocketbooks stolen.
  • Dec. 7: Burglary; Glen Drive, Plainview; two diamond rings, Christmas presents stolen.
  • Dec. 7: Burglary; Parkway Drive, Plainview; Christmas presents, assorted jewelry stolen.
  • Dec. 7: Burglary; Nautilus Avenue, Plainvew; metal safe containing passport, papers and assorted jewelry stolen.
  • Dec. 10: Robbery; Baskin Robbins, Syosset; Sneakers, Iphone taken.
  • Dec. 6: Grand larceny; Kay Jewelers, Hicksville; two diamond engagement rings stolen.
  • Dec. 6: Grand larceny; Ikea, Hicksville; handbag removed from cart.
  • Dec. 7: Grand larceny; TJMaxx, Hicksville; wallet stolen.
  • Dec. 8: Grand larceny; Madison Salon, Woodbury; wallet, credit cards stolen.
  • Dec. 9: Grand larceny; Syosset Lanes; gold club/Ipad stolen.
  • Dec. 9: Grand larceny; North Ritz Club, Syosset; wallets, cash stolen from two autos.
  • Dec. 11: Grand larceny; Lab Corp., Hicksville; Coach Pocketbook, cash stolen.
  • Dec. 8: Petit larceny; Radcliff Road, Plainview; cash stolen from auto.
  • Dec. 9: Petit larceny; Woodbury Farms Road, cash, items stolen from two cars.
  • Dec. 10: Criminal mischief; Relda Street, Plainview; unknown substance poured on vehicle.
  • Dec. 11: Petit larceny; St. Mark's Coptic Church, Woodbury; leather jacket stolen from car.
  • Dec. 8: Grand larceny; Sports Hub, Syosset; Auto stolen.
G December 15, 2012 at 02:17 AM
Simba- I know very well the pay difference between the two agencies. I also know the NYPD has tens of thousands more cops than NCPD so there is a much greater uniform presence in the city. Last year a neighbor of mine was burglarized. Shortly after they called 911, not only did the marked units show up but also three officers in street clothing in a mini van and an additional two more in an SUV. I strongly believe they are out there trying to catch these guys we just do not see them. You must understand a burglary is the toughest crime to solve. You rarely have an eye witness and unless they get sloppy and do not wear gloves it is hard to gather DNA or finger prints. Having a cop drive by just at the exact time someone is going into a back yard is nearly impossible and even if they do how do they know it is not the homeowner walking in to his own back yard.
G December 15, 2012 at 02:20 AM
So are you blaming the NCPD for some miscreant gunning down this Officer? You clearly do not respect the police. I stand by my assessment that it is sad. God forbid you may need them one day. I hope none of us ever do but we may. Just obey the law and don't drive while talking on your cell phone and you will not have to worry about $100 tickets.
Simba December 15, 2012 at 04:46 PM
No G you miss the point, I don't disrespect them, I just believe they are overpaid for the performance they give. And you didn't answer the question, why did that poor guy not have a supervisor insist he wear a vest. He would still be alive if he did. I know more than one NCPD who would tell you the same. Also you don't hear about the partner and how they approached the car. Ask any cop you know in NC, and let them explain the procedure. My point as to the service is these break ins have become scheduled practice, a police car in the area serves as a deterrent.
G December 16, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Simba. The NYPD has a mandatory policy that their officers MUST wear their vest. Unfortunately, Nassau County does not have the same policy. Sadly, he may have been saved if he was wearing his vest but to Monday morning quarterback the situation does nobody any good. Tactics are great on paper and should be followed whenever possible. These things do not always get carried out in a real life situation though. I was not on the scene so I can not tell you what went wrong but a hero is dead protecting us and to shift the blame to him is not appropriate. The animal who pulled the trigger is to blame, not him for any tactical error or decision he made that day. As for the deterrent, yes marked cars on patrol are but the truth is NCPD is closing precincts, not hiring more cops. You can't compare NYPD and there 35,000 man police department to Nassau county. By the way, in NYC there are far more burglaries in every precinct than out here and that is with the tens of thousand more cops they have.
G December 16, 2012 at 04:39 PM
Read your own statement " They are living in their McMansions, driving BMW's and Lexus, enjoying their 200,000 salary, they have no time to chase some minor league suspect, far better to give you a 100 ticket for talking on your cell phone" How can you say that statement is not disrespectful? I don't know you other than reading you comments on this board from time to time so I do not know how you truly feel. However, just read that statement from an objective view point. It is disrespectful. You paint them all with the same brush implying they all live in mansions, drive expensive cars and could not care less about the crime. I disagree. I hope you wrote those words out of frustration rather than your true feelings but only you know the answer to that.


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