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Levittown Man Charged With Manslaughter in Crash…

Nassau's Sixth Precinct Merges With Third

The Sixth Precinct was absorbed by the Third Precinct Monday, continuing Ed Mangano's policing plan.

The second merger in Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano's police precinct realignment plan took place Monday.

The Third Precinct in Williston Park absorbed the Sixth Precinct in Manhasset, leaving just two more mergers to go until the realignment is complete.

The plan calls for the county's eight precincts to be merged into four, as well as the elimination of more than 100 desk jobs and cuts in "costly" built-in overtime benefits.

According to Newsday [paid link]:

A reduced staff of 10 officers on weekdays, and two officers on weekends and nights, will administer the former Sixth Precinct, which is being reshaped into a community policing center where residents can pick up accident reports and file complaints. The Third Precinct will be tasked with processing arrests and patrolling the former Sixth Precinct's communities.

The Nassau Legislature voted 10-9 along party lines to in March.

The former Eighth Precinct in Levittown was into a in the beginning of May, as the Second Precinct in Woodbury took over all patrolling for the area.

The next realignment is scheduled to take place 60 days after the Third Precinct was restructured, which sets the date at Sept. 1 when the Fourth Precinct in Hewlett will absorbed by the Fifth Precinct in Elmont.

joan July 03, 2012 at 01:15 AM
This plan doesn't make sense.... they said that the number of CARS on the street is remaining the SAME BUT they also said 48 cops will be reassigned from desk jobs to pop cops and special patrol. They said we WON'T see ANY CHANGE in service! The question I would like to know is, How can we see NO CHANGE with 48 cops ADDED and also WHERE are these 48 cops gonna be if they aren't adding cars? I have to see this to believe it!
Tea Ruth Betold July 03, 2012 at 03:08 AM
Are you kidding?! The cars often only have 1 cop assigned... geesh, in the 4th, if there's an incident, you see 3-4-5 cars coming, each usually with 1 patrol officer... so, those 48, can easily be assigned into the current allotment of cars...
Gary July 03, 2012 at 11:08 PM
We need more cars! 3-4-5 cars is a great thing!
carlos July 04, 2012 at 01:38 PM
as long as 311 is assigned to Mineola I have no problemo with this plan


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