Police Use Thermal Imaging to Nab Burglary Suspect

Hempstead man accused of illegally entering empty Photocircuits building, cutting copper from inside.

A man was caught inside the former Photocircuits factory on Sea Cliff Ave. Friday by Glen Cove Police using thermal imaging technology, a department spokesman said.

Officer Eddie Linares was checking the abandoned building just after dusk when he heard knocking noises from inside, police said. Investigating further, he smelled a strong odor of burning metal coming from inside and called for back-up. 

A perimeter was established around the building as officers conducted a room-by-room search.

"It was a dangerous environment to search because the expansive building is in a state of disrepair and has no electricity, making it very dark and littered with broken machinery and mangled metal," said department spokesman Lt. Tom Fitzpatrick in a statement.

The officers found freshly cut pieces of copper and oxygen and acetylene torches, but observed no suspects, Fitzpatrick said. A thermal imaging camera was brought in from police headquarters and was used to locate a man hidden "in total darkness in a cavernous loft area 25 feet above the ground on top of a large chemical vat."

Jose Martinez, 30, of Hempstead was arrested and charged with third-degree burglary and possession of burglar's tools. He was arraigned Saturday in Nassau County First District Court.

The thermal imaging camera was acquired by the department about five years ago, Fitzpatrick said, and is used whenever police are searching for someone in a dark place.

He said different metals, primarily copper, had been cut from the inside of the former computer board manufacturing facility.

Eileen Coles October 10, 2012 at 08:10 PM
Oh yes, the wonderful All-American privatized prison industry. Arbeit Macht Frei. Nazi is as Nazi does.
Ralph Suozzi October 10, 2012 at 10:49 PM
To Chris f: This article is about the Photocircuits site on Sea Cliff Avenue which will soon begin remediatioon activities overseen by the NYS DEC. The site I believe you are referring to is the Konica/Minolta site in the Landing Area bordered by Herbhill Rd., Charles St. and The Place. I spoke with the contractor who is performing the demolition this past Sunday evening to find out what was holding him up. The contractor informed me that the NYS DEC is testing the demolition materials to make sure they do not require special handling as hazardous materials. Once the testing results are known the demolition team will go full speed ahead and the debris should be cleaned within a matter of weeks and certainly before year end. I am keeping an eye on this process along with the Building Department. If you need more information about this or any other topic of interest you can contact me at 676-2004 or write to me at rsuozzi@cityofglencvoeny.org.
Ralph Suozzi October 10, 2012 at 10:51 PM
I typed my email address quickly and incorrectly in my last response. The corrected address is as follows: rsuozzi@cityofglencoveny.org
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tj December 29, 2012 at 12:36 PM
That Konica site is the worst run site i have seen,....months and months ago it just looked like someone took an excavator and ran through everything without any plan......Not taken down section by section, this rumble blew who knows what in the wind, its smelled for a week of rotten demo material.......And what a waste of money hauling all the concrete and brick away when Nassau Ready Mix in right around the corner to recycle the material.....


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