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Williston Park Man Convicted of Mailing Himself Cocaine

David Kappen faces up to 24 years in prison.

WILLISTON PARK, NY -- A man charged with trying to ship a kilogram of cocaine across the country to himself in a television box was convicted on Friday.

David Kappen, 35, was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the first and third degrees and faces 12 to 24 years in prison. He is scheduled for sentencing on July 26.

According to Kathleen Rice, on Aug. 3, 2010, Kappen and co-defendant Trent Singleton shipped a television box containing a kilogram of cocaine from a UPS store in Rancho Cucamunga, Calif. to an Auto Spa on Willis Avenue in Williston Park.

Local police in the UPS store grew suspicious that the defendants were shipping a 27-inch flatscreen television across the country and notified the Nassau County Police Department.

When the package arrived in Williston Park on Aug. 5, members of the narcotics team began surveillance around the Auto Spa, observing that a third co-defendant, Jamie Denton, placed the package into Singleton’s rental car at 11:40 a.m.

Singleton then left the Auto Spa in his car with Kappen following and later joined him in his vehicle, fleeng when officers attempted to pull them over. Singleton allegedly rammed a police vehicle during the pursuit. Both men were caught on foot shortly thereafter.

Singleton pleaded guilty to fifth degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison in December 2011. Denton, who was arrested on Aug. 6, 2010, pleaded guilty to fourth degree criminal facilitation in June 2011.

The defense’s claims that Kappen never touched the box and didn’t know there was cocaine in the package.

“This verdict is the result of excellent police work by two departments, an outstanding prosecution by members of my office, and the ability of this jury to see the truth,” Rice said in a statement. “Thankfully, this package was intercepted before its contents could poison our communities, and my office will continue to work closely with other law enforcement agencies to keep drugs off our streets and put dealers behind bars.”

Jen January 18, 2013 at 07:59 PM
If you know David than you would know he is a piece of garbage and he deserved what he got ...Karma finally caught up to him :)
JNE February 22, 2013 at 12:36 AM
@mr: You are correct that I was a juror on this case. The jury followed the law in convicting Kappen. As instructed by the judge, Kappen was guilty if he was acting in concert with Singleton. That means that it doesn't matter whether Kappen had access to the drugs or the Taurus, because Singleton had constructive possession (the keys to the Taurus were in Singleton's pocket at the time of the arrest) and Kappen was acting in concert. Whether or not you believe the police testimony was prepped or perjured is irrelevant, as our verdict didn't rely on the police testimony. The jury unanimously agreed that the other evidence, independent of the police testimony--Kappen and Singleton shipping the package together (which was stipulated by the defense), Kappen and Singleton arriving together at the bagel shop in Kappen's car minutes after Singleton left the Taurus with the drugs in front of Kappen's house, Singleton's red hat being found next to Kappen's car after it was abandoned, and Kappen and Singleton fleeing Kappen's abandoned car together, running through backyards until they were arrested together--all this, when taken as a whole, proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Kappen was acting in concert with Singleton. Kappen declined to put on a defense, incorrectly assuming that the prosecution had failed to make its case. Kappen chose not to offer any explanation or make any attempt to introduce reasonable doubt.
JNE February 22, 2013 at 12:39 AM
It has been suggested that Kappen and Singleton thought they were being carjacked when the detectives attempted to arrest them. If so, why wouldn't they have driven to a police station? Instead, they abandoned the car and an article of easily-identifiable clothing, then fled through people's backyards. Regardless, the jury knew nothing about the attempt to run over Det. Carroll or that shots were fired until after the trial, so this had no influence on the verdict. The juror @mr referred to does not know the defendent directly. If anything, any possible connection to him would have influenced her toward acquittal, yet she set aside her apprehensions and voted for conviction, uanimously with the rest of the jury. It strains crudulity to claim that Kappen was a victim of circumstance.
john k July 31, 2013 at 10:15 AM
it's amazing that the two ca cops were caught committing perjury and filing false reports resulting in a mistrial. it's also amazing that carroll had told 5 different versions of what transpired. when, if ever was he telling the truth. it's also amazing the DA hasn't charged any of the POs with perjury. Justice? don't think so. DA violated judges instruction in speaking with a witness during recess while she was still on the stand. juror said " i'm afraid of retribution. realized after two days she knew the family. how? speaking with family/friends in violation of judges instruction not to discuss the case with anyone. everything at the gas station was dropped because the PO reports were false and they could not substantiate any of the lies they proffered to make the arrest. The 911 call at the station was made by a retired NCPD detective who, in his eyes was witnessing a carjacking. heard no one say " stop, police officer". the employees of the station thought they were being robbed when the PO(?) stormed the station. what would a reasonable person do, especially when shots were being fired. I personnally have been shot at annd had weapons pointed at me. my first instinct is to take cover or get out of there. the cops had pictures of everyone involved singleton and denton at the station except kappen. interesting? testalying is a cancerous problem within this department. punish a cop? not happening. cop shooting cab driver, pulling a gun on a bartender, hit and run accident in an unmarked NCPD car. shooting a hofstra student when he had the responsibility to retreat until the negotiating team arrived. NCPD is out of control.
tj July 31, 2013 at 09:07 PM
Seems excessive for such a dumb crime....could have been a cry for help... But anything over 5 year is harsh.....That lady from Wantagh killer her husband and dumped his body on the parkway got less....And some guy who hit and ran when he killed a construction worker got less time...


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