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2012 Year-in-Review for Seventh Senate District

Sen. Martins recaps new state-wide legislation and local grants for Mineola and Willistons.

Summarizing what is being widely recognized as one of the most successful sessions for the New York Legislature in decades, my office is offering a 2012 year-end review for each community in the Seventh Senate District. 

In stark contrasts to Washington D.C., there’s been an unprecedented sense of bi-partisan cooperation in Albany which is finally putting our state on solid footing.

My initiatives received notable support from Republicans and Democrats alike with 21 pieces of new legislation signed into law in 2012.  In addition, his office was able to assist communities in the district with more than $5 million in much-needed state aid for local projects.

Some highlights include:

An On-Time and Balanced State Budget

For the second straight year, my colleagues and I worked with Governor Cuomo to pass a balanced state budget that cut spending and included no new taxes or fee increases.

The Expansion of DNA Databank 

The Senate passed the expansion of the DNA Databank to include all crimes. The expansion, which was signed into law by Governor Cuomo, will not only help convict the guilty and bring closure to thousands of victims in unsolved cases, it will exonerate the innocent.

Senate Passes Historic I-STOP Legislation

In response to the prescription drug abuse academic, the Senate passed I-STOP legislation, which I co-sponsored. I-STOP, which was signed into law by Governor Cuomo, may very well be the signature piece of legislation for the 2012 Legislation Session. The law creates an online database that will record every prescription for a controlled substance written in the state. Doctors and pharmacists will check the database before writing and filling a new prescription, enabling them to determine if someone is “doctor shopping” to load up on prescriptions to feed an addiction or sell to others. The new law is a major weapon in the fight against prescription drug abuse, which has reached epidemic proportions with over 22 million prescriptions for painkilling drugs written in New York State in 2010 alone. The state population is only about 19.5 million.

Senate Creates Bipartisan Task Force on Hurricane Sandy Recovery

After Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island with devastating effects, the Senate created its Bipartisan Task Force on Hurricane Sandy Recovery. Recognized for the bipartisan support, I was appointed to the statewide task force. The task force identifies communities most in need of recovery assistance and will be developing legislative solutions to implement the recommendations made by the NYS Respond Commission and the NYS Ready Commission.

Senator Martins Appointed to Long Island Regional Economic Development Council

Recognized for community development, I was appointed to the Long Island Regional Economic Development Council. I am the only Long Island Senator to serve on the council. In 2012, the council secured nearly $60 million to help fund projects on Long Island that will create jobs and stimulate the economy. Among some of the projects funding will go toward are the Winthrop Research Institute that will focus on childhood obesity and diabetes.

Senator Martins’ Notice of Claim Legislation Signed Into Law

A bill introduced to provide a uniform and fair process for serving a notice of claim to commence an action or proceeding was signed into law by the governor.

New laws that took effect on January 1, 2012 include: 

  • New Protections for Domestic Violence Victims (S7638) – A new law designed to protect victims’ health care and insurance information. As of the first of the year, victims of domestic violence who seek medical and/or mental health services and use their health insurance to pay for that care can designate alternative contact information so they may receive health insurance correspondence in a safe location of their own choosing.
  • Ban on Electronic Cigarettes for Minors (S2926B) – a new law prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarettes to children under the age of 18 years old.
  • Solar Energy Sales Tax Exemption (S3203B) – exempts the sale and installation of commercial solar energy systems equipment from state sales tax and compensating use taxes. As of Jan. 1, 2013, municipalities will also have the authority to provide this exemption from local sales and use taxes.
  • Student Health Care (S7314A) – allows eligible private and public colleges and universities in New York State to self-insure for their students’ health insurance needs. A college or university that becomes self-insured can be designed to meet the needs of the students and can reduce administrative costs.

Critical Funding And Common Sense For Mineola, Willistons

On the local level, my office was able to secure critical funding for projects benefitting Mineola, Williston Park and East Williston. They include:

  • Mineola Volunteer Ambulance Corps – $100,000 toward purchase of ambulance and communications equipment.
  • East Williston School District - $100,000 for renovations to a parking lot.
  • Village of Williston Park - $100,000 for road improvements to Sheridan Avenue.
  • East Williston Public Library - $100,000 for renovations to interior of library.
  • Shelter Rock Library - $100,000 for renovations to front entrance area and construction of canopy.
  • Village of East Williston - $100,000 for renovations to rest rooms and the installation of a modern computer network and purchase of a generator.

Allocations of $30,000 each in bullet aid were given to the East Williston School District, Henry Viscardi School and Mineola School District.

MTA Payroll Tax Declared Unconstitutional

The senator applauded the State Supreme Court’s decision declaring the MTA Payroll Tax unconstitutional. When I served as the mayor of Mineola, I was one of the original plaintiffs in the case to stop the job-killing tax from hurting businesses, schools and non-profits. As a member of the Senate, I was the co-sponsor of bills to repeal the tax for small businesses, schools and libraries and well as counties, towns and villages.

Senator Martins Leads Fight for LIRR Ticket Validity Period Extension

The senator was successful in convincing the Long island Rail Road to extend their ticket validity period. LIRR railroad tickets are now valid for two months as opposed to the former two-week period.

Senator Martins Delivers Answer to Decades-Long Flooding Problem

We were able to secure $2.4 million to correct a longstanding flooding problem that has plagued the residents of Bruce Terrace in Mineola and Fairfield Avenue as well as the surrounding area. The funding was distributed evenly to the Village of Mineola, Town of North Hempstead and Nassau County for improvements to be made to the drainage system. Work has already begun.

Improvements to Jericho Turnpike Underway

The senator was instrumental in coordinating efforts for the Jericho Turnpike improvement project, which includes the repaving of the major road from the Queens border to Glen Cove Road.

Senator Martins Secures Holocaust Memorial Funding

The senator secured $100,000 for the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County to be used toward the creation of a multi-media, historical exhibit.

Sen. Jack Martins is the representative of New York's Seventh Senatorial District. He was elected to the State Senate in 2010 as a Republican from Mineola.

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