First Draft of Recompiled Mineola Village Code Submitted

No changes made to village code; all revisions subject to public hearings.

After 2 years, the  has been delivered “on schedule” according to Village Clerk Joseph Scalero.

Holding up a binder at the October 5 meeting, Scalero said that the draft contains “no changes” to the code. “It is strictly a recreation of what we currently have,” he said.

The binder also includes a 50 page analysis of specific changes that are suggested to the board. Some of the suggested changes range from corrections to simple typographical errors or a section which was stricken years ago where a reference still exists.

The process of modernizing the village code book into a standardized format and creating an online edition was begun several years ago, with the first draft reportedly being available to village trustees by the end of September.

General Code, the country’s leading codebook company, was selected as the vendor for the recodification project and will reorganize the codebook, which was last done in the 1960’s.

Scalero turned over the binder to village attorney John Spellman who will study the draft and make recommendations for specific changes to the board.

Any change to the village code must first be approved by the village board and is subject to public hearings.

SLJ October 22, 2011 at 01:40 PM
2 years ago, we were told at a public meeting by the village attonrey that the code was actually being revised, and certain chapters were near completion. Whatever happened to that?
Geoffrey Walter (Editor) October 22, 2011 at 04:13 PM
The code is being revised. It is going through a process where this company, General Code, recompiles the entirety of the code. The company makes recommendations on changes, submits them to the village board and attorney, who will then hold public hearings on the proposed changes and will adopt any changes.


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