First Draft of Reorganized Village Code Ready

Company in process of creating online edition of Mineola Village Code book.

The first draft of Mineola’s reorganized village code book will reportedly be submitted to the by the end of the month.

The process of modernizing the village code book into a standardized format and creating an online edition was begun several years ago, with the first draft reportedly being available to village trustees by the end of September.

General Code, the country’s leading codebook company, was selected as the vendor for the recodification project and will reorganize the codebook, which was last done in the 1960’s.

The company is currently putting together an “editorial analysis” according to Village Clerk Joseph Scalero, which is a guide “to show what could or could not be changed or what their recommendations are.”

An example of this would be where state and/or Federal law supersedes an older village code and the analysis would highlight these cases.

The village clerk added that there were “absolutely” no changes being made to the code as the company simply organizes the code and creates a digital edition for use on the internet and the .

“They are not legally able to change any of our code, only the (village) board can do that,” he said at the September 7 village board meeting.

All changes proposed would first be subject to public hearings.

SLJ September 19, 2011 at 09:21 PM
I am looking forward to the analysis---more than once we have been told about how village code differs from state--it will be interesting to see where and what the board plans on doing to correct it.


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