Hearings Scheduled on Rental Conversion at Former Keyspan Building

Developers of 250 Old Country Road seek to convert from condos.

The will be holding a public hearing regarding converting the former Keyspan Building at 250 Old Country Road from a proposed condominium complex to rentals on May 23.

The village board has conducted hearings on condos at the site in the past but no decision was ever made because according to village attorney John Spellman “there was still an issue with respect to the state mandate for set-aside of 10 percent of the units for affordable housing.”

According to Spellman the issue at the time was whether to incorporate a state requirement for affordable housing set-aside either onsite or off-site.

The – which has also undergone a – was filed with the village before the law went into effect. The village has defined affordable as 80 percent of mean area income. There is also discussion about next generation and preferential for first responders in the projec

It has been several years before the applicant has been before the village board and in the intervening time the market for obtaining financing for condo projects has changed and due to the proximity of the building to the border of Garden City, that village must also consent to a subdivision in the form of condominium. The building is located on the north side of Old Country Road, directly across from the Nassau Executive Building on West Street.

The developer applicants seeking to convert to a rental building and to change the building structure to incorporate the set-aside in the building itself.

Mineola said that there would “most likely” be two hearings for the proposal, addressing some concerns of board members around scheduling.

Ed the Brain April 19, 2012 at 05:12 PM
This is more smart growth for the Village. To delay this hearing would be non productive.Lets get the show on the road.This like other developments in the village will give the people the tax relief they deserve.
SLJ April 19, 2012 at 11:33 PM
For whatever reason, one of the trustees wanted this delayed. The same trustee who gave the owners of the Winston project such a hard time over their switch from condos to rentals. The same trustee who thinks he can mandate who should have the ability to move into these places, and skirt the laws that exist to prevent that from happening.


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