Hurricane Irene Anniversary: Tally in Mineola

Village reimbursed for costs associated with 2011 hurricane.

One year after Hurricane Irene swept into Long Island, and a heavy financial toll on municipalities, the Village of Mineola has recouped its total amount of expenditures associated with storm response.

According to village clerk Joseph Scalero, Mineola incurred about $105,000 in total costs associated with the storm, receiving the bulk of the funds – about 85 percent of what was applied for – through the Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA), with New York State stepping in to cover the remainder through the State Emergency Management Authority (SEMA).

Most of the costs were associated with , with many toppled over and a number precariously perched across power lines.

One of the costs for which a total figure was not available was the , which, while still staffed by volunteers, still incurs equipment and logistical expenditures.

Still the most glaring hit associated with the storm in the village is the gazebo in , which was . The village will be in the park, but it is still in the design phase and has not yet been bid out, so no cost estimates are available.


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