Martins Resigns as Mineola Mayor

Deputy Mayor Lawrence Werther to assume leadership role.

Meet the new boss.

In a stunning move during the last meeting of the Wednesday night at the , formally resigned from his post as Mayor of Mineola, handing over the reins to Deputy Mayor Lawrence Werther, Sr.

The move comes following the in the race for New York State's 7th Senate seat over incumbent , D – Port Washington. Martins was certified the winner with 42,942 ballots cast in his favor compared with 42,491 for Johnson, a 451 vote margin. Johnson, however is and is seeking a full hand count of the election.

Martins had to resign his post as Mayor in order to take office when the New York State Senate reconvenes on Jan. 5 in Albany. Martins was first elected Mayor of Mineola in 2003.

Mineola Village law states that in the event of a resignation by the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor shall assume the role as head of the Village until such time as an election can be held. Village elections are typically held in March. Werther can run for the open mayoral seat if he so chooses, or another candidate may step forth on the ballot.

Artie Barnett December 16, 2010 at 03:58 PM
He will be missed. Great job Jack!!!!!


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