Mineola Chamber Thanks Village Board for Street Fair Support

Chamber president Bill Greene offers appreciation for village crews during 2012 street fair.

Following the success of the 2012 village street fair, the officers of the Mineola Chamber of Commerce came before the village board on October 3 during their regular meeting at village hall to express their appreciation.

“We actually came down tonight... to thank you again,” said chamber president Bill Greene, who was accompanied by chamber senior members Steve Ford and Tony Lubrano. “Once again as I mentioned at the street fair how great it is that the chamber and the village work so well together and pulled off I think one of the most outstanding street fairs ever with the extensions and the expansions that we did the last year or two on Mineola Boulevard and First and Main and Second Street.”

The 2012 version of the street fair went off as scheduled and was only subject to a brief period of rainfall as opposed to the 2011 version which had to be cancelled at the last minute due to threat of showers which never came.

“It was a phenomenal day despite that little glitch of rain but everybody stuck around until after 6 o’clock,” Greene said. “The restaurants are still buzzing, the business owners were very, very pleased and again, your crew, Mr. Rini and the staff were just phenomenal. There were a lot of little things and headaches that went on during the course of the day that we all seemed to manage to get through. I think it was just a great, successful event and we look forward to an even bigger one next year and we came down as the chamber to thank the village for all your support.”

Mayor Scott Strauss did not perceive any glitches that went on during the fair, saying  “I can tell you that, looking from the outside in, so to speak, we didn’t notice.”

The chamber estimated about 30,000 people attended the street fair, taking in many of the booths businesses had set up in front of their stores as well as the multiple entertainment stages set up both on Main Street and on Mineola Boulevard for a full schedule of bands to perform.

“Part of those glitches were helped by the village in the background, (you) helped us get through those,” Greene said of the mayor’s remarks. “Again, it’s just phenomenal and I think that a lot of villages, they’ll be very jealous of Mineola, of the way that we all work together and we seem to really focus on what’s important in town and growing the businesses and the residents, we haven’t stopped getting emails and phone calls from everybody, residents and out-of-towners who were so pleased with the event. Again, we’re very, very happy and pleased and looking forward to an even bigger and better one next year.”


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