Mineola Mayor to Hold Informal Meetings with Residents

Residents invited to speak directly with mayor in informal setting.

Mineola is reaching out to residents with an ongoing series of informal meetings which will be held throughout 2012.

Strauss has “divided the village into sections” and is holding informal community forums with each section, he said. The mayor had held several such meetings before he made the announcement at the December 7 meeting of the , with the third such meeting coming just the day before.

“These sessions are just informal talking sessions where they get the opportunity to interact with myself and I get to interact with them on an extremely casual basis,” Strauss said.

The forums would continue to run throughout 2012 and “we’ll continue to rotate through the village,” he said.

The informal nature of the meetings is to open a dialog between residents and the mayor directly rather than the more formal setting of a public meeting at the village hall.

No residents would be excluded from the forums and all areas of the village will eventually be covered. A few blocks are selected at a given time for a meeting and notified via a mailing with a specified time and place where the meeting will take place. Residents can speak with the mayor on any subject. The meetings are held on a ongoing continual basis so if a resident cannot attend or misses one, they will have another opportunity in the future.

These forums are separate from village board meetings and no official village business will be conducted.

Bob Rabey December 06, 2012 at 06:26 PM
While these informal meetings may seem to hold the air of communication of concerns from local residents, they actually accomplish nothing. Mayor Strauss seems to listen, but then the "politician" answers come out, and the issue is dead. Taking things a bit further, you may want to call village hall and speak one on one with the mayor. Actually, all you can do is leave a message, and hope that he returns your call. Personally, I have called dozens of times, and have not recieved a call back. Apparently, he seems to pick and choose which calls are returned.


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