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Mineola Residents Seek End to Urepaired Sidewalk

Wilson Boulevard sidewalk reportedly a tripping hazard for 8 years.

Mineola residents Jennifer Galanga and her husband Christopher of Wilson Boulevard came before the recently concerning a sidewalk issue in front of the homes of one of their neighbors which she says has not been fixed for about 8 years.

“My neighbor is not getting it fixed and I don’t know what to do any longer,” she said during the June 20 meeting at the , stating that she first lodged a complaint about 8 years ago and the most recent on June 19.

The village that repairs are necessary. Under village code, property owners who receive a notice from the village will have 30 days to complete the necessary repairs.

“I’m up here to inform you to please do your civic duty at this point to help get this sidewalk fixed,” Galanga said, submitting photos of the sidewalk and stating that both her aunt and children had fallen on the damaged section.

said that the village had “finally” removed a tree in the section of sidewalk in question and the neighbor was sent a notice, although the mayor was not sure of the date on the notice. He did state however that he would send Galanga the date and the follow up.

If 30 days pass the property owner is summonsed with a fine that can be up to $250. After 30 days the fine increases and each subsequent week is a separate offense with escalating fines.

According to village attorney John Spellman, if the village hires a contractor to complete the work, the amount of the work would show up on the homeowner’s tax bill.


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