Mineola Village Board Notebook: March 7

Other news from the March 7 village board meeting.

The Mineola  held a meeting on Wednesday, March 7. Here are some of the things you may have missed.

  • The Mineola Athletic Association will hold its annual little league opening day parade on Saturday, April 14, 2012 at 10 a.m. along the following route: west on Jackson Avenue to Wardwell Road, north on Wardwell Road to Jericho Turnpike, east on Jericho Turnpike to Mineola Boulevard, South on Mineola Boulevard to Second Street, east on Second Street to Willis Avenue, North on Willis Avenue into the little league complex. The route is the same as in prior years.
  • The athletic association also requested use of the auditorium and a general purpose room on Thursday, May 24 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. for their annual picture day. “They bring all their teams through for pictures, it’s kind of chaotic but it’s a lot of fun,” village clerk Joseph Scalero said, noting that the community center is in use during the day but nt at night so it would not pose a problem.
  • The MAA recently completed a youth referee training program for their soccer program. Some of the younger divisions are refereed by youth in the older leagues. “This is the first time that they’ve put together a training program for the referees so that they were all given the rules, given everything, told how to deal with different situations,” trustee George Durham said.

  • The board approved a request from the Mineola Fire Department for budget transfers in the amount of $2,800 from the following lines: $300 from OSHA Medicals to fuel- gasoline; $1,000 from repairs buildings to rental equipment and $1,500 from communications to computers.
  • Timothy Batjer and Nicholas Sarno were approved as new members of the Mineola Fire Department Company No. 3 and one, respectively.
  • A change order regarding the roof replacement to the and fire departments resulted in a $7,852.92 payout in terms of finishing the project. According to superintendent of public works Tom Rini there is “one issue” with the elevator at the fire department but it is not related to the roof but the hatch to the elevator shaft. “We’re at least thinking at this point that the seal in there might be a problem allowing water to get in,” he said.

Roadway Projects

  • The contract for the 2012 Miscellaneous Roadway Improvements Requirements Contract was awarded to Suffolk Asphalt Corporation based on their low bid of $787,225.
  • “Those are not what our work orders will be,” Rini said explaining that in a requirements contract the of small, medium and large items in order to get a basis for a number.
  • Rini said that he anticipates the roadwork to cost about $380,000 this coming year.
  • The village has not worked with Suffolk Asphalt in the past but the company does have the necessary equipment and the village has not received any negative reviews of the company.

January Financial Report

The financial reports for the village for the month of January is as follows:

  • five residential permits issued for $2,490
  • 11 commercial permits for $10,600
  • six application for the board of zoning appeals for $2,150
  • 25 applications for rental resgistration for $14,925; 20 plumbing permits for $2,825
  • 14 electrical permits for $1,350
  • 23 title searches for 2,058.75
  • 18 certificates of occupancy for $525
  • 46 licenses for new businesses for $5,665
  • for a subtotal of $42,588.75.
  • There were court dispositions in the amount of $6,100 for a grand total of $48,688.75.
  • There were two notices of violations and 23 summonses issued during the month.

Other Board News

  • The solar panel project for the roof of the garage paid through a grant is “up and running” according to Rini and currently producing power. LIPA has installed the two net meters allowing for the exchange of power generated but not used. “For the most part, it could be self-sustaining,” Rini said, noting that on March 7 the unit generated 260 kW of power, whereas on a typical day the garage uses about 60 kW of power. LIPA does limit the amount of power that can be sold back as well as the price per watt sold.
  • The building department has been receiving a number of complaints regarding trash from the businesses on Jericho Turnpike on weekends and holidays. The village has issued a letter to businesses, hand delivering 327 of them to the businesses informing them of the regulations regarding pickup. Building superintendent Dan Whalen asked that if any residents see violations, if they could take a photo and submit them to the village or information in an affidavit form, the village would investigate.
  • A request by and the Kiwanis Club was approved to close Beebe Road from Jericho Turnpike south to the end of nearby parking field No. 9 and for the use of the parking lot on May 20 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for their fourth annual bicycle safety day.
  • The Veterans of Foreign Wars - Pvt. Adolph Block Post #1305 will use the village streets on May 28 and the community center on May 26 and 28 to conduct a Memorial Day parade and ceremony. “Each year the two veterans’ organizations take turns, they alternate each year, hosting the Memorial Day Parade; this year it’s the VFW’s turn,” Scalero said. The Saturday does not pose any overtime because the community center will be open.
  • A request from Stephania Catering to renew a permit to operate a catering truck in the village from Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. along an approved route was approved. This is an annual renewal and comes at the request of businesses along the route “whose employees don’t normally have time to get out to go for meals,” according to Scalero. There have been no known issues or complaints with the caterer.
  • The PTA requested the use of for their fourth grade picnic on Tuesday, June 5 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., with a raindate of June 13.
  • The board approved the removal of a handicapped parking space from in front of 250 Maple Place.
  • Over 1,000 pounds of food was collected in a food drive by members of Boy Scout Troop 45 at the Carle Place Stop & Shop for the food pantry. Troop members have also been invited to a camp-boree at West Point in April along with some of the top troops from around the area.


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