North Hempstead Backs Special District for Roslyn Country Club

New plan encompasses 668 homes, making residents members.

New plans have unfolded for the , according to the . 

The town now proposes creating a special district for Roslyn Country Club, encompassing 668 homes, with homeowners becoming club members. 

This district would then issue bonds for the repairs, placing the financial burden on the the district, rather than the town. In addition, some of the operational costs might be applied to homeowners in the district. 

The property had sparked controversy among North Hempstead residents. While many living in Roslyn Heights had pointed out that a revamped facility would be an asset to the town, other North Hempstead residents living outside the area questioned the cost.   

Not long ago, town officals had intended to purchase the property with funds from the town's . The town's plan included issuing $7.5 million in bonds to cover needed improvements, and sell memberships to town residents at $1,000 per family.

But many , and an estimated 4,000 signatures were collected on a petition in favor of putting the plans for the property to a referendum. However, at least one resident had  of those signatures.

While the new plan shifts the financial burden from the town to the district, there is no word yet on how many memberships would be available to other town residents or what membership would cost.

Rondo Bean August 22, 2012 at 01:05 AM
I've supported Kaiman for years now but this whole thing stinks -- and it still stinks. The Environmental Legacy Fund shouldn't be used to purchase property for 668 homeowners to enjoy, even if they're paying the costs moving forward via this special district.
Gerald McNamara August 23, 2012 at 11:27 PM
I agree that this stinks. Kaiman has pushed through this purchase to form an elitist community? I hope we don't find that the new residents of this community are prominent on his list of financial backers. I'd imagine that would be criminal.
Richard Maletta October 11, 2012 at 11:42 AM
It appears that they have expanded the CRIME they now are including and additional 200 homes as outline of the planned attack on local home owners was explained last night at the meeting at High School. My Kaiman also indicated that they oppose letting the people decide what they want to add to what already is among the highest taxed area in the country


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