North Hempstead Holding Hearing on Roslyn Country Club

The Town will be listening to feedback from the community about this issue.

The will hold a hearing on Tuesday, June 19, at 7:30 p.m. about the , which has been a hot-button issue in the community.

An agreement has been negotiated with the owners of the 7.3-acre property which will be discussed at the meeting. The $2 million transaction's funding will come from the Town's Environmental Legacy Fund.

Some residents have raised concerns about this potential property acquisition, saying that the price of the facility makes it exclusionary and that it should be funded by a special tax district, like some of the other pools in the Town.

Those who support the idea say that this area of the Town does not yet have its own pool and recreational facility. They also say that it would be a way to preserve open space and that the pool would fund itself or have a minimal impact on taxpayers.

If green-lit, the tentative new name for the park is . has said in the past at public meetings that the facility is not a country club and has been called that because of the particular area in Roslyn where it resides.

For more information about the Roslyn Country Club, call 311 or visit www.northhempsteadny.gov and click on "Roslyn Pool and Open Space Acquisition."

Michael June 18, 2012 at 01:31 PM
I think you are making interesting fodder for the 50 people who read the online edition of the Port Washington Patch. Hope you are at least entertaining yourselves.
Stephen June 18, 2012 at 02:56 PM
NT, unfortunately for you, TONH is not your personal estate—they can’t build only the kinds of places you want in exactly the format you wish... Like most collective efforts in life, the Manorhaven and Tully facilities please some people and others...not so much. You don't like the renovations, maybe the Roslyn facility will be more to your liking. If not, perhaps it is you that should build your own (though I do sense an “I don’t swim” coming up, c’mon NT…). You don’t like baseball (it’s the national pastime, NT!), maybe you want to use some of the other facilities at the 30+ acre site (hoop, horseshoes, fishing, lay around and read—though I’m sure you’re about to say you just have no use for any it…). The more of your creative writing I read the more I think you simply object when funds are spent on anyone but you. That’s a great way to manage a contractor in your yard, but no way to run a Town! With the future Roslyn Park, the Town will have facilities at different price points and different levels of amenities to attract and serve an even broader spectrum of residents than it does now. That might avoid apparent across-the-board disappointment like yours... or maybe not.
Nassau Taxpayer June 18, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Bottom line for the benefit of any ToNH Board readers: the Town doesn't maintain or manage the "estate" it already has, yet it continues to try to assemble a larger closet of under-utilized "toys". Where does it stop? Do not add more debt to be serviced to what are already demonstrably intractable Town obligations. Bottom line to Roslyn CC easement holders: You want the estate? Buy it. Nothing stopping you. Negotiate with the property owner. Pay the price. Just don't expect a Town bailout or subsidy.
Stephen June 18, 2012 at 04:46 PM
Sure, NT, the whole Board is hanging on every one of your anonymous words and scribbling down their vote… No better place for any of them--or any resident--to place reliance than on the man hiding behind the mask… No name, no reputation, no qualifications stated --- and no facts to support your comments, making your conclusions--by definition-- simply baseless. So, residents, just trust NT when he tells you (because he says so, that’s why) that-- -Town doesn’t maintain or manage its property; -Town is building to create ‘toys’; -Town has ‘demonstrably intractable’ obligations (huh?); -Debt will need to be ‘serviced’ presumably because NT's financial modeling is superior to the TONH’s (at least they go through the exercise of sharing a model); -There is a bailout or a subsidy here (not even sure how that fits, not only haven’t you demonstrated this, you haven’t even mentioned it; who’s being bailed out?) NT, you mentioned “pig in a poke” – I think that describes what you’re pushing... Keep up the good literature, NT. My work is done. I’m outta here.
nancy June 21, 2012 at 02:19 AM
how ignorant you must be to accept the deception that this will preserve open space no matter what the land will never be developed , The owner would not sell the 7 acres of developable land for 2million dollars. stop believing your corrupt politicians


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