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Speeders Reported on Maple Place in Mineola

Residents report increase of vehicles during morning rush hours.

An abnormally amount of vehicles are reportedly speeding down Maple Place in Mineola just off Jericho Turnpike, causing many of the residents to become concerned over safety in the area.

“People are taking the right-hand turn off Jericho Turnpike with trucks and many times... and they just zoom down that block against the one-way street headed towards Jericho Turnpike because they want to try to get into that gas station before anybody catches them coming down,” Maple Place resident Walter Crosby said during a meeting of the village board on October 3 at the village hall, adding that he counts between 30 and 40 vehicles per day.

Mayor Scott Strauss advised contacting the Third Precinct to address neighborhood complaints “and see if you can get cooperation from them, maybe they can put a complaint car there.”

Crosby said that the police said that they put a “spot car” at the location and when asked, said that the height of the problem occurs during the morning rush hour at 8 a.m.

Deputy mayor Paul Pereira said that it may be because following the closure of the Willis Avenue School and subsequent rental to Harbor Day Care, “some of those parents may not be familiar with the traffic patterns of the neighborhood so they may come up Jackson, drop their kids off, go to Maple and whether they don’t know the pattern or they just choose to ignore the pattern, they may just keep going on Maple to Jericho.”

Crosby also complained about vehicles parking in front of his home and blocking his driveway, rendering him unable to back his vehicle out to answer calls from the Mineola Fire Department and asked if the village could look into changing signage on the block. Mayor Strauss said that the village would take a look at the signs posted and again advised to call the Third Precinct but to also call village hall so a summons could be sent.


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