Town Launches 3 Heated Comfort Stations

Hot showers, wireless stations, WiFi.

North Hempstead residents without power can find some relief in Superstorm Sandy's aftermath, thanks to three comfort stations that will open within the town on Saturday.

“The town’s Comfort Stations offer a place to get out of the cold and into an indoor heated environment,” Supervisor Jon Kaiman said, in a statement. “Those still without power are in need of some basic necessities; the ability to charge a cell phone or computer, access the internet, or even just take a hot shower can go a long way right now.” 

North Hempstead Comfort Stations will offer residents heated indoor locations to charge their electronic devices, access free Wi-Fi, and take a hot shower. 

The following Comfort Stations will begin opening Saturday from 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

Aquatic Activity Center at Tully Park 
1801 Evergreen Avenue
New Hyde Park

North Hempstead “Yes We Can” Community Center
141 Garden Street

The Clubhouse at Harbor Links Golf Course 
1 Fairway Drive
Port Washington

Officials note that comfort stations are not meant as shelter housing. A list of Red Cross shelters is available to residents by calling 311.  

Residents are asked to bring toiletries and towels.

For more information on North Hempstead’s Comfort Stations, call 311. For the latest, photos, videos and information of the Town’s recovery efforts, visit the town's Facebook page.

NYB November 02, 2012 at 11:35 PM
They're limited to places that have power. The options are probly limited. You're not ENTITLED to "comfort stations" so instead of complaining, be thankful that these exist at all.
Dellavecchia Property Maintenance & Lawn Care November 03, 2012 at 04:34 AM
what are u thinking . What about ports elderly and persons with disabilities that do not drive or have trouble walking or the sick. These are the persons with the most special needs. I am shocked. I was born and raised in port .I now reside in florida for the past twenty years. You make it sound easy, and it probably is for a person that is healthy strong and has a automobile chain saw and gas cans full of gas for there generators ,and a clear head. Ive seen the destruction in many of our florida counties first hand, I went to help..and put my hand in my pocket and broke my back for all that I could, not even asking for a glass of water, because I knew how upset it would have made them because they didnt even have that. People are very lost in this time of need and all of u couldnt even make arraingments for shelters in needed areas. I sit here shaking my head . What happened to the Port Washington I grew up in.. Joe.D..
Steve Pick November 03, 2012 at 03:17 PM
The good news is that businesses and more importantly restaurants are now open on Main Street in PW. Unfortunately power to the many residents is very spotty. With temperatures dropping and another storm on it's way, we are all getting really concerned. It is almost time to get some of these folks outta town. If LIPA would be able to give us any local projections, then we could make educated decisions. Our folks still living in my childhoom home (with GREAT neighbors who watch out for them!), STEVE PICK
Dellavecchia Property Maintenance & Lawn Care November 03, 2012 at 11:45 PM
if anyone is able to access the LIPA website....look for, storm center power outages..... you can see all of long island outages by numbers, Estimated time for service restored and how many crews are assesed and assigned to an area. Most of them assigned are at the end if Long Island . The site is updated every fifteen minutes but to my eyes it looks like time standing still, My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. in the cold blizzard winters I did snow plowing, and manny times was the first tire prints in the snow in port washington . Along with many others whom are still in port, headed out to rescue our customers so they could leave there driveways to start there day. They were so greatful when we showed up to clear a way for them . Alot of times I had to break the bad news that they would only be able to make it to the top of there driveways, all roads were unpassable to them unless they had snow tires chains and four wheel drives. Back then not many had a four wheel drive vehicle. But they did almost always had electric ,to keep them warm, and lights, so they could find there way and if not it was restored quickly.My heart goes out to everyone. You see the next year when it was time to rescue my customers again, and roads were not plowed on the main roads . They smiled and said never again I bought a four wheel drive im good to go...Look out for each other in places you have never reached before....Joe Jr.
heuo November 06, 2012 at 02:46 AM
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