Broadway Stars Come to Mineola High School

Shaun and Noemi Taylor-Corbett hold an interactive workshop for musical theater class.

Shaun and Noemi Taylor-Corbett, Broadway performers with film and television credits, visited with performing arts students at Mineola High School on November 19.

Coordinated by teacher Megan Messina, who knew Shaun Taylor-Corbett through college, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many of the Mineola students.

During their 12-hour visit, the Taylor-Corbetts ran an interactive workshop with dance classes; provided vocal coaching to the concert choir, a cappella singers and student soloists; held an audition techniques workshop with the thespian troupe, and answered questions from the musical theater class.

The couple’s professional and artistic advice was taken to heart by many of the students, especially those wishing to pursue a career in the field. “Every song you sing is a story,”

Noemi Taylor-Corbett told vocal students. “Really act out what you are singing. If you are a singer, you are really an actor, as well.”

The pair were members of the original Broadway cast of “In the Heights,” which Mineola High School is presenting this spring. Shaun also appeared on the PBS show “Hi-5.”


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