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Cross Street Parents Stay Positive

PTA members voice their opinions on school closure and end of their organization.

It is just a reality for the parents who have been involved in the Cross Street PTA – when the elementary school closes next year they still plan on staying active within the district, just not at the same building.

It will not be an end to their hard work and dedication within the PTA, rather a matter of relocating to follow their children. These members say they trust the decisions made by superintendent Dr. Michael Nagler – especially PTA co-President Matt Miller.

“We’re hoping to do what’s in the best interest of our kids,” Miller said during a joint meeting of the respective PTAs Monday night at the . “We as parents should encourage teachers, principals and administrators to be creative because that’s how we raise our children at home.”

According to school officials, parents will have the option to move with their children and be absorbed into the new PTA at whichever school their child moves to: , or the .

A member since her daughter started kindergarten at Cross Street, Cathy Bongiorno said although she will continue to be involved, a lot will be missed in the group.

“Without a doubt I will be there and be involved in the school that my kids are moving into,” she said. “For the past 6 years I’ve loved working with this tight knit group, but the changes that are being made are positive.”

Parents were of the opinion that when Cross Street closes it is simply a new opportunity to use the money for new programs like the  and in order to enhance students’ education.  

“Initially we were upset after hearing that Cross Street was closing,” said Christine McGuire, a Mineola mother who has four children in the district. “It’s only my instinct to be nervous at first, especially when it involves our children.”

McGuire said she is optimistic about the upcoming changes and transitions.

“I’m looking ahead and concentrating on the positives,” she said. “Even though three of my kids will be going to different schools with different schedules, as long as it doesn’t affect the quality of their education I am happy.”

Many members of the Cross Street PTA view the closing as part of a “bigger change” to the district as a whole, expressing a willingness to pass it since “it is the best thing to consolidate” the buildings.

“We know the district is moving forward, we’re spreading the word and assisting the administration to expand technologically, socially and reduce costs,” Miller said.

With the majority of PTA parents reportedly on board to vote for the budget, the looming issue surrounds the who have fixed level incomes and fear higher taxes.

According to PTA member Cliff Datys, the people that should be angered should be the parents whose children are being separated and sent to different schools, saying that if they do not have a problem with moving forward no one else should either.

“There are those people in the community who talk to the seniors about the tax levy but it’s a terrible thing to manipulate some of the most vulnerable members of the community,” he said.

Next year three of Eileen Braun’s four children will be going to school separately.

“The past is already behind us,” she said, adding that she is most concerned about her children’s transitions, hoping it will be easy and they will fit into their new surroundings.

The budget vote will be on May 17.

Molly Healey May 04, 2011 at 02:23 AM
As a Cross Street parent for 11 years, and the current PTA co-president, I am beyond proud of the Cross Street community. During the entire reconfiguration process, which includes the closing of our building, the Cross Street community has demonstrated an extraordinary amount of patience and understanding. Without hysteria, anger, or hatred, we have accepted that even though the doors to our school will close, the doors to an even better school district will open. Thank you to all of those in the Cross Street community who have been and who will continue to be positive as we move forward as a district. As always, CHILDREN FIRST.....
Cindy Velez May 04, 2011 at 11:28 AM
Molly and Matt - never an easy job PTA President...you have done it with grace, dignity and humor....your community of families have the bigger picture in mind and an understanding of what can be if we work together !
Sharon Demelas May 04, 2011 at 12:32 PM
Very well said Molly!
Mr. Matthew C. Miller May 04, 2011 at 01:43 PM
Molly and I have always put the children of the MUFSD first. We will continue to do so as Cross Street parents long after the building is closed. We lead by example. Thank you Cross Street parents for all of your hard work, patience and efforts! Have a great day and God Bless America!
William Gresalfi May 05, 2011 at 07:02 PM
Reading the above comments about the closing of their school, Cross Street has some real classy parents representing their childrens interests. Good Luck to the Cross Street parents.


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