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Kevin O'Connor Enters BOE Race

Filed petition on May 10th to run against Robert Maginniss for Sharon Bieselin's seat.

West Islip resident Kevin O'Connor has filed a petition on May 10th (last eligible day) to run against Ronald Maginniss for Sharon Bieselin's seat on the Board of Education, the school district said. 

Maginiss was originally slated to run against Glenn Sloat, but in recent weeks, Sloat dropped out. The district said incumbent Robert Ulrich is still running for his seat unopposed.

O'Connor is married and has four children: Brian a senior in WIHS and Michael, Krista and Kelly, all sixth graders at Udall Middle School. He and his wife Jeanne-Marie have lived in West Islip since 1991.

He is currently a board member of the West Islip Little Conference Football League.  He has coached youth football, little league and basketball for both boys and girls in the community.  

O'Connor started an Automated External Defibrillator program for youth football and lacrosse, as well as assisting the West Islip Soccer Club in starting their program.  Coaches in all three sports now get certified in both CPR and AED use, and all three programs have AED's available at home games in case of an emergency.

He is a graduate of SUNY Oneonta and has worked in the insurance industry for 25 years. For the past 18 years he has specialized in investigating and combating insurance fraud.  O'Connor is currently the Director of Special Investigations for a New York based insurance carrier and has served as an instructor for the National Insurance Crime Bureau for eight years.  

wiseol'owl May 15, 2011 at 03:23 PM
The information about the Summit MAY have been removed from the Mr. O'Connor's bio to remove the appearance of any connection to the present BOE, since the founders of the Summit are the present President and Vice-President of the BOE. Given that many in the community are not happy with the current fiscal situation for the upcoming vote, Mr. O'Connor MAY have felt leaving out any possible connection would be benificial.
Mr Kotter May 15, 2011 at 03:54 PM
Definitely looking like Kevin O'Connor may be the one we are looking for in West Islip: Kevin O'Connor: ISSUES: Finances are the biggest problem for West Islip. "We can't continue to increase taxes, yet we have to continue to keep the educational program strong," O'Connor said. "We need board members with backbone to step up to the plate and make these hard decisions. We have to keep it affordable and keep it attractive to families, all at the same time." He said his leadership and business experience will help him make the necessary hard decisions. Kotter's take: Mr. O'Connor has a career background that can really be beneficial to West Islip residents. In addition, he addresses the unsustaining tax increases to residents and makes it known that the School Board needs to do more. The fresh out-of-the-box thinking O'Connor just may be what the doctor ordered.
Rita May 16, 2011 at 04:16 AM
Kevin O'Connor is not satisfied with this current Board of Ed. Kevin O'Connor is not happy with the 7.73% tax increase. Kevin O'Connor wants to help the taxpayers. He needs people to stop looking the other way and start trying to make a change for the West Islip community. Kevin O'Connor needs our votes. Meanwhile, WITA endorses Maginniss! Board of Ed VP Annmarie Larosa is sending emails asking for votes for Maginniss! If you like your 7.73% tax increase and escalating teacher salaries and benefits and sky-high administrator salaries then Maginniss may be your guy to keep the status quo. I want a better future. I trust Kevin O'Connor to be in my corner. Vote on Tuesday!
Mr Kotter May 17, 2011 at 03:43 AM
VOTE FOR KEVIN O'CONNOR! He is clearly the one who puts the residents first. He very clearly prides himself as independent and not looking for endorsements as he does not want to owe any favors in return (aka current School Board with WITA). O'Connor is clearly the smarter of the two candidates. The other guy has nothing to offer except agreeing with the School Board. Kevin O'Connor is the candidate that will stand up and look for ways to help this community. He is fed up with the tax increases and he will work on balancing the community. The choice is clear. Kevin O'Connor is right for West Islip.


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