Mineola Board of Ed Notebook: Dec. 1

Other news from the December 1 board of education meeting.

The  held a meeting on Thursday, Dec. 1. Here are some of the things you may have missed.

iPad/ Netbook Applications

  • It was reported that the iPad and netbook for fifth and sixth graders, respectively, necessary for the year.
  • “We installed more applications and did not go through the process I thought it would,” Dr. Michael Nagler said. “It got a lot more complicated than the volume purchasing. We actually had to physically touch every machine to image it to put them on.”
  • The installation of the apps was completed last week.
  • “It appears that anytime we want to put more apps on, that’s what we’re going to have to do and it becomes a laborious task,” the superintendent said. “The only way we do it is we give up ownership of the apps so where we would spend whatever amount of money we spend on every app, we can deploy them but then we would give up ownership of them... and I was not inclined to do that.”

Elementary Recycling

  • Dr. Nagler reported that no representative from the had contacted him as of .
  • The superintendent did visit Ethan Sargent at the during the K-Kids food drive where they made 26 baskets as well as arrangements for a few recycling containers at the Hampton and buildings, which were delivered the morning of December 1 to recycle bottles and cans.
  • Dr. Nagler also spoke to the high school environmental club advisor and the club has agreed to visit the Hampton and Meadow school to help set up recycling programs in an effort similar to the athletes helping athletes program.

Student Report

  • Class of 2012 salutatorian Zachary Englis reported that over the past few weeks several students had completed senior projects, including ones focusing on breast cancer awareness where the students sold bracelets and feather hair extensions to raise funds, a volleyball tournament for the advancement of African women and his own project focusing on raising funds and awareness for ovarian cancer research.
  • A total of 11 baskets were made for the Thanksgiving food drive which were donated to needy families along with the raising of $300.

Other Board News

  • The board adopted new per diem rates for substitute positions as follows: teacher: $90; Mineola retiree teacher: $125; nurse: $125; teacher aide: $13.74 per hour; greeter: $10 per hour; bus driver: $21.81 per hour; custodian: $12.25 per hour; Clerical: $12.32 per hour; bus attendant: $10.75 per hour; maintainer: $20 per hour. The original fee for the nurse sub was $90 per day. “We had a great difficulty finding nurse subs,” Dr. Nagler said, noting that all rates have not been changed in about 15 years, “so they’re all on the low end.” One of the district’s auditors has requested that the board place the chart on its reorganizational agenda each July so as to clearly state the rate each year. The superintendent said that the district may “suggest” increases in other lines after obtaining information from other surrounding districts and county averages.
  • The request for proposal for the leasing of the went out on December 2.
  • The district recently received a $30,000 grant to help in its record management archives due to a 2 year effort by assistant clerk fellow Jerry Emmett.


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