Mineola Sixth Graders Receive Netbooks

Mineola school technology initiative to replace textbooks to conduct lessons at a cost-savings.

As part of the Mineola School District’s , all sixth-grade students at recently received Acer Netbooks to utilize both inside and outside of the classroom. Distributed to students in mid-October, the while providing the best educational resource available. Over the course of the year, students will use an assortment of free tools and online textbooks to conduct research and complete lessons, resulting in a significant cost- savings to the district.

Prior to the distribution of the Netbooks, students and their parents were required to attend a workshop on proper use and sign a responsibility statement. Principal Mark Barth personally handed out the netbooks to students, reminding them of the caliber of responsibility required in accepting them.

“There are only several hundred students on Long Island who have the opportunity to have their own personal district laptops for their schoolwork,” Barth said to the students. “This is a huge responsibility.” In addition to the Netbook, each student received a protective case and charger.

All for the same purpose as the sixth-grade initiative.

“We really are giving students the tools they need to become life-long learners,” middle school . “We are giving students the opportunity to master dual platforms before leaving the middle school.”


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