Mineola Students Sweat Through Regents Exams

Initial heat wave wreaks havoc during exam week.

As any student knows it’s bad enough to worry how you’re going to do on a year-end exam, but how do you manage to sweat through the Regents test when you’re actually sweating bullets?

With 90-plus degree temperatures, students are glad to be out of the classroom, but there was little relief for some during the initial heat wave last week, with some students at having to sit through the geometry and chemistry exams in the cafeteria with no air conditioning according to an ABC 7 report.

The exams took place last Wednesday, June 20 when temperatures reached the mid to upper 90’s.

“It’s just hot, it’s hard to think,” student Tevin Carlo said. “All the heat is building up and it’s hard to think while you’re taking these tests.”

While most of Mineola High School is unairconditioned, shades were drawn  in the classrooms where the exams were being taken, fans were set up to create a cross-breeze and water was given to students taking the tests.

“I feel sorry for them a little bit, they have to take two rigorous exams – geometry in the morning and chemistry in the afternoon – and some of the students took both exams today,” principal Ed Escobar said. “So it’s very difficult for them.”


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