Chaminade Basketball Holds Off Holy Trinity 55-48

Patterson nets 19 points as he stops streaky Titans’ run in third.

Having your 6’6” center back from the injured list is always a good thing. When he happens to contribute 19 points on the night is even better.

Showing that his ankle has been fully healed and in only his fourth game back for the Chaminade varsity basketball squad, junior Jon Patterson was able to help fend off Holy Trinity Tuesday night 55-48 , in the process taking another bang when he slammed into the back padding of the net stantion after getting a layup that ended a 7-0 run for the visitors in the third.

“It means everything,” Chaminade coach Jim Quinn said of having his center back. “It gives us an inside presence that opens up the outside for us.”

In addition to getting their big man back to full form, the win also snaps a 2-game losing streak for the Flyers who had losses and .

Patterson, who has been absent for the first half of the season after undergoing surgery to remove a bone chip in his ankle, had a season-high in points as well as 2 assists and 4 rebounds.

“They were getting hot in the second half,” Patterson would say after the game, “We basically knew, don’t let them get hot because they’re a very streaky team. Because we took it upon ourself to get an easy layup on offence, an easy shot it sort of slowed them down.”

Despite having beaten season-surprise Kellenberg 63-52, the Titans (2-1 conference, 6-1 overall) were held scoreless by the Flyers for the first 4:05 minutes before going on the run in the third which brought them within one point of tying.

Chaminde senior John Gallego had his hands full guarding Holy Trinity’s Damon Coleman who scored 16 points on the night. The 5’9” senior drew 3 fouls on the night trying to keep Coleman in check.

“He was guarding that little kid and the kid’s quick,” Quinn said of his point guard.

Following Patterson’s save, the Flyers were able to go on their own run, pushing their lead back up to 10 poinst and keeping it there for the remaining 12 minutes of the match.

Easy when you find your center.

1 2 3 4 F Holy Trinity 6 11 10 21 62 Chaminade High School 9 16 10 20 51


Chaminade Scoring Statistics Player Position FGs 3PTs FTs Points Assts Rebs John Patterson Center 9 0 1 19 2 4 Patrick Farrell Forward 4 1 4 15 3 5 Mike Walsh Forward 5 0 5 15 1 9 John Gallego Guard 2 0 0 4 2 4 Brian Ehrhardt Guard 1 0 0 2 4 7


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