Chaminade Bowling Continues Unbeaten Streak with Win Over St. Mary’s

Flyers’ depth helps to sweep Gaels 9-0.

“I have a lot of depth,” bowling coach Steven Toner said.

Against the four players of St. Mary’s, Chaminade, which boasts 13, that’s something of an understatement.

The Flyers have literally been on a roll, staying undefeated through their of the season, and sweeping the nine points Monday at .

So dominant was the scoring through the first game that Toner pulled his starters for games two and three.

“It’s pretty good,” Flyer Alex Cipollone said. It’s good experience for next year because we’re losing a lot of people.”

Including Monday, the Flyer sophomore has played in seven games this year, working on picking up spares and keeping his lines in the practice lanes, turning in scores of 226 and 227 when he was moved to the ‘A’ squad for the last two games Monday.

“We all have to work harder. We’re going to need it next year because I’ve got to pick them up. I’m part of the team, everyone’s got to do something.”

Still, despite having beaten league powerhouses St. John the Baptist and Holy Trinity, Toner hesitates at the mere mention of this being the “soft” part of Chaminade’ schedule.

“We beat the two best teams at our place, now we’ve got to go out to them,” he said. “So you really haven’t been tested until you go win on the road. To beat both of them at my place is really, really good but I won’t know until we go out there.”

The Flyers will face St. Johns on Jan. 4, with an away game against Holy Trinity on Jan. 17.

Toner made no secret of his desire to finish the regular season in first, despite his emphasis that “it’s the finals that count.”

Despite holding the edge now, the Flyers will gain another indirect edge as Trinity and St. John’s have a match scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

“You lose that edge if you don’t beat them at their place,” Toner said.

“A” Team Chaminade St. Mary’s Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total Nick Niles 169 X X 169 Jeremy McCray 116 100 110 326 Ryan Egan X 136 209 345 Mike Penoxo 121 169 153 443 Phil Loeschinger 165 X X 165 TJ 136 139 190 465 N. Truisi X 149 158 307 Andrew Fenn 163 X X 163 Alex Cipollone X 226 227 453 Totals 497 511 594 1,602 373 408 453 1,234


“B” Team Chaminade St. Mary’s Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total Matt Weiss 186 166 183 535 Blinel 140 140 140 420 S. Ugenti X 146 145 291 Isiah Leon 113 88 108 309 Joe Wilhelm 124 X X 124 Dhier Shah 116 104 117 337 Matt Wodicka X 133 147 280 John Lindgren 214 X X 214 Totals 524 445 475 1,444 369 332 365 1,066


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