Mineola Boys Soccer Wins on Seaford Default

Vikings coach dealt two red cards that could bar him from season.

“I’ve never seen that before,” Mineola Athletic Director Ralph Amitrano said shaking his head. Emphasis on “that,” referring not to a 2-0 win Mineola had over Seaford Thursday afternoon on the backfield of Mineola High School, but just how it had been accomplished: by default.

Yes, you read that right. Or should I say ‘red’ that right. Red as in the color of the two cards Vikings coach Ralph Pascarella was issued with 4 minutes remaining in the second half; two red cards which could potentially end his season as the team’s coach.

With Mineola up on goals from Chris Farrell and Danny Pardo, the first red card was issued for Pascarella questioning referee Allen Wharton on a substitution with the player at the desk waiting during a corner kick.

“I hollered ‘sub, come in’ and he’s hollering ‘I don’t want him in’,” Wharton said. “I said ‘they’re at the desk, bring them in’ and he went ‘you don’t know the rules’ and he started giving me the business’.”

That was when Pascarella started doing his best impersonation of Lou Pinella.

“He berated me… He kept abusing me and I am not going to tolerate it,” Wharton, a 46 year veteran and the New York State interpreter for New York City, said. “(Pascarella) said ‘I’ve got a charity game on Saturday and now I can’t coach, you’re terrible, you ruined it for me.’ I said ‘coach, please stop,’ he wouldn’t stop. I said ‘now you’ve got the second red.’ Now he’ll have to justify it.”

Calls to Nassau Section VIII sports confirmed that the incident had taken place and that a review was underway, but officials declined comment because of the proceedings. Officials also confirmed the conference’s guidelines that a coach could potentially be barred for the season for having two red cards issued against him.

Seaford reportedly does not have an assistant coach for the boy’s team.

Pascarella was unable to be reached for comment.

1 2 F Seaford 0 0 0 Mineola 0 2 2


Scoring Summary
Player Goals Assts Mineola Daniel Pardo 1 1 Chris Farrell 1 0


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