North Shore Seniors Trump Lady Mustangs

Mineola falls two points short in five-game contest.

The Mineola girls volleyball team (8-4) fell short against the North Shore Vikings (7-6) Wednesday in a riveting five-game match-up at North Shore high school, with Mineola losing by just two points in the final round.

The Lady Mustangs were most successful when they passed the ball amongst each other. Senior Christine Barry and junior Nicole Lockwood stood out as strong contributors on the court. Lockwood's fierce serves helped fuel Mineola's momentum, and Barry's aggressive spike's and defense were imperative to Mineola's two game wins.

The close loss was a huge disappointment to the Lady Mustangs who just finished celebrating Monday's win against Island Trees High School. "We were a totally different team," Barry said. "It was like night and day, those two games.  Today was absolutely not a good game."

Barry attributes her team's loss to their own attitudes, explaining that Mineola's negative mentalities' often prevents them from performing successfully. "We are absolutely a mental team. Mentality was the game."

Comparatively, the Lady Vikings often scolded each other during the game for not cheering from xthe bench during such an intense line up.

"We need to keep our enthusiasm up and play like it's a zero-zero game." Barry said.

North Shore relished the win, which also happened to be their senior game. Senior Liz Scheerion celebrated her final home game with ten kills and four aces. Senior Alley Grande was also key in North Shore's offensive efforts with ten kills. 

"Our girls played with great confidence against a great opponent," Vikings coach Frank Mauro said, thrilled over the victory.

Mineola, is hoping to get their mentalities and skills in check for their upcoming games. "I hope my girls stay low and stick to their positions on defense" Coach Kohl said.


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